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Namaste Guruji. I need your help. I am having issues in my marriage for at least 10 years now. Will relationship with my husband get better, or will it end in divorce.  My husband is not interested in saving the marriage, which makes it harder. Can you please suggest some Upaye/remedies to make the marriage work and make it normal ** earlier. Any Vashikaran mantra which can help? Please see the birth details below. Ironically, the astrologers had said that 32/36 Guna match and it's such a good match. Thanks so much for the help. God bless you.

Aapse Vinti hai ke please upaye bataye, bahut bahut mehrbaani hogi. 

My details

Name - Sunita

Date of Birth - July 11, 1963

Place of Birth - Bhopal, M.P., India

Time of Birth - 8:30 am 

Husband details

Name - Pradeep

Date of Birth - January 30, 1960

Place of Birth - Dewas, M.P., India 

Time of Birth - 00:30 am 

Also, after watching your Astrology Learning videos recently,  I realized that I am either Cancer (8.25am) or Leo (8:30am) Ascendant, ** the Lagna change happens within 5 min of my birth time. From what little I know, I feel this will have a impact on my Manglik Dosha, Shukra & Shani placements and remedies also. Any advise on how can I determine my Ascendant or I am a cusp and it's better to check everything with both Lagna Ascendants. I just wanted to let you know this. Thanks again for all the help.

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