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Ketu in the third house of birth chart ? 

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Let us first understand what the third house of the birth chart represents: 

This house represents the native's courage and valor, hobbies, younger colors, mode of death, communication, neighbors, short journey, ear, neck, shoulders, physical growth. 

Ketu in the third house of the birth chart : 

Such natives will not have a good relation with younger brothers and sisters. It is also noticed that such native spoil his relationship with cousins as well. Such individuals can't focus on one place and have a restless mind.  Placement of ketu in the third house is not favorable for the health of the native especially in the antardasha / mahadasha of Ketu such native face huge stress and restless mind which causes heart problems, intestinal problems, and brain-related diseases. Such natives are not courageous to take risks in life and won't gather the courage to work independently and start their own business.  However, in Rahu mahadasha such natives can gather courage and work independently. 

Ketu in the third house creates problems in the relationship with siblings and also impact the health and longevity of siblings. If afflicted Venus is aspecting ketu then such native will develop physical relationships within the family at own age level.  

Remedies of Ketu in the third house of the birth chart : 

1. Donate food on Wednesday. 

2. Visit Lord Bhairo temple on Saturday. 

3. Chant mantra "Om Namah Shivaye" 108 times daily. 

4. Apply saffron tilak on forehead. 

Sachin Sharmaa,

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