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What is the kritika nakshatra in vedic astrology,Kritika Nakshatra in Astrology

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What is the kritika nakshatra in vedic astrology,Kritika Nakshatra in Astrology

This nakshatra ranges from  26.40 degrees in the Aries sign to 10.00 degrees in Taurus sign

Lord of this nakshatra is Sun. 

Male characteristics of natives born in this nakshatra : 

Natives born in Krittika nakshatra are very intelligent but on the other hand, they don't have long term goals in life. Such natives are of very impulsive nature, unstable mindset due to which such natives switch jobs/business from one to another without analyzing the negative and positive aspects of such decisions.  Due to this nature, such natives face hardship in life. His life period between 25 - 35 years and 50 - 58 years is very good. 

Such natives are very egoistic and love to be free. If someone tries to hurt his ego or try to put his direction, then such a natives revolt and will leave such a relationship as well. 

Natives born in krittika nakshatra are very simple in thinking and are not very shrewd or clever. Such natives don't want to become rich with unfair means in life. Such natives are self-made with high determination and don't want others to help in any circumstances. Such natives have a modern approach to life and don't believe in old traditions and culture.  

The luck of such natives won't favor in the homeland and such natives got huge career growth in other countries.  

They tend to attract towards women easily and keep extramarital affairs in life which damage the married life. Such natives are more close to his mothers and get more favor than other coborn in the house. 

Female characteristics of natives born in this nakshatra : 

Females born in krittika nakshatra are extremely beautiful till the age of 28 but suddenly due to circumstances in life such natives lose her beauty. Normally females born in this nakshatra are less educated.  Such natives don't get the favor of brother and sister. Females born in Krittiak nakshatra are normally arrogant, loose temper quickly. Due to this nature, her family life got disturbed and normally don't get favor from her husband and also got a divorce in many cases. Females born in this nakshatra don't have cordial relations with her relatives and show negative behavior towards those as well who have helped them.  Such females during the last stage of life live a secluded life and nobody wants to meet such females in the later stage of life. 


Natives born in different pada of Krittika Nakshatra : 

(1) First pada: Lord of this pada is Guru ( Jupiter). Natives born in this pada earn more money in other countries rather in their homeland. Dasha of Mars, Sun and Jupiter will give auspicious results. 

(2) Second pada: Lord of this pada is Saturn. Natives born in this pada are highly intelligent and are highly knowledgeable in the field in which they work. Dasha of Sun and Saturn gives inauspicious results however, dasha of venus gives the auspicious result. 

(3) Third pada: Lord of this pada is Saturn. Such natives are lucky and knowledgable of their fields. Sun and Venus Dasha gives a hard time to such natives. 

(4) Fourth pada: Lord of this pada is Jupiter. Natives born in this pada got a long life. Such natives live a very simple life and are very honest. Dasha of Sun and Jupiter give the highly auspicious result. Dasha of Sun and Venus gives such a native high growth in career. 

Career: Partnership business is not suitable for such natives, engineering, finance, administration, consultants, farming. 


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