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What are the best remedies for negative Ketu ? 

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Before discussing about the Best Remedies for Ketu Mahadasha let us first understand what is Ketu ?

Ketu detaches the individual from the materialistic world and promote seclusion. It promotes the spiritual refinement and motivate the native towards supernatural powers and keep the native away from all worldly pleasures which causes sorrow and loss at the same time makes the individual equivalent to God in the society.

So, if someone wants to take renunciation ( moksha)  then ketu placement and its mahadasha plays important role in the natives life.  If ketu mahadasha comes during the sixty's of such native then such native will leave his house or if he will remain in the materialistic world then this mahadasha brings him mental torture by making huge losses in business, his savings and whatever source of earning the native have during this period he will lose everything. You must have seen that many people who are highly educated but suddenly leave everything and decide to live a secluded life , Ketu play a very important role in this aspect.

Imapact of negative ketu on the native :

1. Native may suffer from piles especially if there is a history of piles on the father’s or mother’s side. Also, problems of the urinary tract and diabetes will increases.

2. It creates inclination towards unnatural physical contact with either ***.

3. If mars or venus or Saturn in conjunction with ketu in 8th house then the native will suffer from serious disease and might leave scope for recurrence and would take longer to cure.

4. It makes the wife demanding in terms of money matters or in a physical relationship.

5. In the mahadasha/ antardasha of ketu the native will face huge losses in savings and he will be in debt during this period.

6. If Saturn or Mars is placed in the seventh house that brings bad luck to the native.

7. Such native will face huge family issues after the age of twenty-seven.

8. If the eighth house is aspected by Saturn or Mars then there will huge problems to the wife of such natives.

9. Such natives will never get growth, peace of mind if they do business/job in the homeland.

10. Native's mother always faces health issue and if the native is going through antardasha or mahadasha of ketu then her mother may face a very serious health problem which will be very difficult to cure.

11. Face legal problems regarding their property. Such natives also face accidents during the mahadasha or antardasha of ketu with their vehicles.

12. Huge delay or denial of marriage .

13. Native want to detach himself / herself from social gathering.

14. Suffer from depression and anxiety.

15. Attraction towards tantra -mantra and black magic.  

Following are the best remedies for ketu mahadasha / ketu antardasha / negative ketu :

1. Donate blankets in the temple or some poor persons on Wednesday or Saturday.

2. Such a native should put saffron tilak on the forehead.

3. Such native should visit any of the following temples :

(a)  Bheemkali temple, himachal pradesh  

(b)  Chamunda Devi temple, himachal pradesh

(c)  Dakshineshwar Kaali temple, North Calcutta

(d) Kalighat Kali Temple at Calcutta

(e) Naina Devi, Bilaspur

(f) Kamakhya Devi Temple, Guwahati

(g) Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner

(h) Danteshwari Temple, Dantewara

(i)  Sarsangi Kalika Temple, Belgaun

(j) Durga Mandir, Varanasi

4. Native should chant ketu mantra : Aum Sran Srin Sron seh Ketve Namah ॐ स्रां स्रीं स्रौं सः केतवे नमः॥

This mantra should be chanted for 17000 times within 40 days, before chanting this mantra native should be well aware how to pronounce it.

5. Should search for jobs/ do business away from the homeland, if possible in another country.

6. Such a native should keep a dog at home.

7. Such a native should do meditation daily for at least thirty minutes to reduce the negative effects of ketu.

8.. Such natives should feed jaggery to monkeys.

9. Such natives should donate mustard oil on Saturday.

10. Native should offer sweets to foundlings and homeless children  during Nakshatra period of Ashwini, Magha and Mool.

11. Donate medicine in charitable hospitals / care homes for dogs

12. Keep a honey-filled vessel made of silver in your kitchen.

13. Serve food to young girls on Friday.

14. Worship Lord Ganesha daily and offer laddoos on Monday.

Sachin Sharmaa,

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