All about natives born under Shravan Nakshatra – Vedic Astrology – By Sachin Sharmaa

All about natives born under shravan nakshatra :

Such native has the aptitude to keep learning since their childhood. In the later stage of life, such native is considered among the intellectuals and renowned person. You are having a stable sense of thinking towards life, humanity is your priority, you are not a cunning person as per today’s scenario.

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These people have a great focus on obtaining goals and complete all the projects they begin. A person born in this Nakshatra is well versed in the sacred texts and scriptures, has many sons and friends, and destroys his enemies.

Such native doesn’t believe in deceiving others for their benefit as most of the people are of deceiving tendency nowadays. Due to your simplicity people normally cheat you but you believe in forgiveness. Such natives got deceived many times in life but they always believe in a positive attitude towards life. Such natives keep moving in life as per their principals only even after getting deceived by so many people in life.

You feel concern towards others and you give priorities to others rather yourself. Such native like solitude instead of social gatherings even though such native has a lot of friends and also a lot of enemies. But due to your nature, you normally conquered on your enemies.

Such natives are of very planned nature and always give priority to cleanliness. Due to this type of nature people close to you feel uncomfortable and also it makes you angry sometimes also in this situation you forget about your personality.

Such natives are naturally well building and beautiful. Such native spend most of the time of life in getting new knowledge of different fields. Such a native is a very good consultant. Such natives always analyze the situation like a well-experienced judge and such natives placed his / her opinion after critically analyzing the situation.

Such natives live a balanced and complacent life and don’t believe in what others are saying them. Such natives reach stability in their career until forty-five years of age. If such natives keep working after sixty-five years of age then they achieve a maximum in their career.

Professions: Teacher, linguist, speech therapists, politicians, business, researcher, geologist, counselors, psychiatrists, psychologists, astrologers, healers, holistic medicine, preservation of ancient traditions, storytellers, religious scholar, educator, transportation, tourism, hotel and restaurant industry, and social worker

Married life: Such natives are unable to manage their married life in the initial ten years, but later on they manage the same and live a stable married life. Such natives got an obedient and caring wife/husband.

First pada of Shravan :
Since the lord of this nakshatra is Mars, so mahadasha / antardasha of mars/moon give very good results to such natives. Saturn is an enemy of Mars, but antardasha / mahadasha of Saturn will give good results in earning money and growth in career.

Second pada of Shravan :
Lord of this pada is Venus but due to conflict with mars mahadasha of venus will not give full positive results. Saturn antardasha or mahadasha will give very good results for earning money and career growth.

Third pada of Shravan :
Lord of this pada is Mercury. Mercury is enemy of the moon and will not be able to give full auspicious results. In the mahadasha or antardasha of Saturn, native will achieve a good reputation in society.

Fourth pada of Shravan :
Lord of this pada is Moon. Such a native is of god fearing and keeps a very simple attitude towards life. Mahadasha or antardasha of Moon will not give auspicious results to the native. Mahadasha or antardasha of Saturn will give positive results to such natives and also be healthy during this period.

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