How do we interpret the return of Venus in retrograde, alongside the presence of Rahu, Mercury, and the Sun in the 11th house for someone with a Virgo horoscope?

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Asked on April 11, 2024 1:58 am
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When retrograde Venus joins Rahu, Mercury, and the Sun in the 11th house for someone with a Virgo rising sign, it creates a special situation in astrology. This setup affects many parts of life like work, family, health, and money.


The 11th house is about making money, getting rewards, and reaching big goals. Mercury here makes you good at thinking and talking, which is great for jobs in writing, teaching, marketing, and tech. The Sun means you might do well in leadership roles, where you can stand out and get noticed for what you do.

Rahu encourages you to try new and different career paths. You might end up working in new tech, research, or areas that go against what's typical. But, Rahu can also make your career path unpredictable with lots of changes.

Retrograde Venus influences how you deal with people at work and your creative side. You might find yourself wanting a job that feels more meaningful, involves creativity, or focuses on beauty, art, or helping people with their relationships after some deep thinking.


Retrograde Venus means you might think differently about your family relationships and what you value. You could find yourself fixing old issues or trying to form closer bonds with family members.

The focus on the 11th house also means friends and social circles might become as important as family. Rahu could introduce unexpected or non-traditional family situations, challenging usual family roles or expectations.


The 11th house doesn't usually point to big health problems, but Rahu might bring stress or worry, especially about reaching goals or dealing with sudden changes. Mercury's role suggests looking after your mental health and nervous system might be important. Doing things like mindfulness or activities that keep your mind active could help.

The Sun adds energy and life force, which can be good for overall health. However, it's important to manage stress and not let ego get in the way of health. Retrograde Venus might make you reconsider your health habits, possibly leading to healthier choices or healing old emotional issues.


In terms of money, the 11th house usually means you'll gain, and Mercury here could mean earning from jobs that use your mind or communication skills. The Sun might bring money through leadership or public roles.

But Rahu can make financial matters unpredictable. While it might bring sudden gains, it also suggests being careful with risky investments. Your financial situation might go up and down, needing careful planning.

Retrograde Venus makes you think about what's really valuable to you, which might change how you handle money. It could also mean getting something from past efforts or investments you hadn't focused on much before.

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Answered on April 11, 2024 2:00 am