What are the implications of having the 8th lord Moon in the first house, while Venus influences the 7th house and its lord, and Jupiter is in the 7th house with the 7th lord for a Sagittarius ascendant in the D9 chart?

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The 8th lord in the first house is a very eventful aspect in Vedic astrology, especially when we are dealing with the Moon. The Moon is the lord of the mind, emotions, and the mother. The 8th house is the house of change, transformation, regeneration, life and death, the deeper aspect of nature, and the metaphysical. Therefore, a correlation exists between the themes associated with these houses and this critical house.

Impact on Career

The 8th lord Moon’s placement in the 1st house can affect career. This placement indicates that the person is naturally inclined to fields that center on research, investigation, healing, and transformation. Such spheres as psychology, therapy, surgery, medicine, astrology, and other occult sciences can attract such a person. Since the moon is also a source of intuition, such persons are often great intuitionists, suitable for professions requiring profound knowledge of human emotions and reactions. However, they are also prone to the intense stages of transformation, which are marked by uncertainty and brief periods of low conveyance. These trends are mirrored in the moon’s phases, which address the house of its position. Most likely, the individual will face cycles of a higher level of activity followed by periods of less conveyance.

Impact on Health

Health-wise, Moon as lord of the 8th house in the 1st house could indicate the natives’ susceptibility to stress-related mind-body ailments. Psychological factors may greatly influence the individual physiology. Emotional chaos may find its way into the physical body. Issues concerning the reproductive system or water discharge in the person can occur, as Moon governs body fluids. This position is prone to resiliencies. This person has an outstanding capacity to return to good health following illness or trauma. Nevertheless, this individual should maintain decent emotional health to keep their physical condition intact. Lunarians are highly physically responsive to emotional, psychological, or environmental variations.

Impact on Personal Life

From a personal standpoint, such a Moon placement might manifest as a very rich, but also a tumultuous inner world. One’s relationships might be highly emotional and transformative, but there may also be power struggles or manipulative tendencies, either from the individual or their partners. Financially, one might be lucky to receive inheritance or sufficiently gain through partnerships, but one is sure to face the subsequent implications. In terms of spirituality, this placement would cause the individual to search for the mysteries of life and experience deeply spiritual experiences that would shift their understanding of what life is. Nonetheless, the individual is just as much likely to undergo existential crises or confront the shadows of their psyche.

Lal Kitab Remedies

1. Such a person with this placement should keep a silver bowl full of water beside their bed at night. 

2. The person should donate white food items or other items to women. 

3. Fast on Monday: Fasting on Mondays will reduce the negative impact of Moon. 

4. Chant "Om Som Somaya Namah" beej mantra daily 108 time. 

5. Such a person should wear white color clothes. 

6. Burning little camphor in your house every night helps in banishing negativity and purifying the space. This also protects you and your loved ones from the vicious power of Northmoon and keeps your house from the evil eye or glance of evil spirits.

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