What type of spouse will a person get, if Darakaraka Sun conjuncted with 7th lord Mars and Jupiter in 9th house and moon also aspecting them all, for a Libra ascendant?

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Asked on April 16, 2024 4:11 am
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While the conjunction of Darakaraka Sun, Mars, and Jupiter in the 9th house, all being aspected by the Moon, provides a plethora of positive traits in a spouse, there are potential challenges and negative traits that might emerge in such an astrological configuration:

Following are some positive traits:

With the presence of the Sun in the 7th house in conjunction with Mars in the 9th house, the house of the emperor, you can expect a spouse with a dynamic boldness, capable of being a great leader who dares to make bold decisions. The Sun in the 7th is radical, and Mars, as the 9th house ruler, adds to this energetic and empowered persona. This suggests the ruler’s first house strength and an individual well-equipped to handle significant responsibilities.

Jupiter in the 9th house deepens this profile by adding a philosophical layer. Your spouse’s deep knowledge of global cultures and religions is likely due to Jupiter’s impact on higher education and moral reasoning. It is possible that they studied law or philosophy very thoroughly, becoming a powerful teacher in this field with a cross-boundary source of knowledge. The Moon’s influence enhances their emotional intelligence, making them caring and mentally stable, which facilitates a deeper emotional connection.

Socially and financially, the conjunction of the Sun with Mars and Jupiter supports your spouse’s position, not only maintaining it but also elevating it significantly. Your spouse will be very prosperous and well-known, but navigating your relationship dynamics, especially concerning authority, will require a careful balance. Despite overall success, both partners must be prepared to respect differences and compromise to maintain a harmonious relationship.

Some negative traits are as follows:

While the Sun and Mars compound in your natal chart, your spouse’s personality includes a domineering, self-confident, and, it is truthful to suppose, a certain level of selfishness, which is manifested in the desire to dominate. It is practically impossible to avoid power confrontation, especially in marriage with the ascendant in Libra as there is a clear desire for justice and equality. Also, due to Jupiter, there is a generalized sense of grandeur, and an impractical attitude can manifest itself at times of great undertakings.

Jupiter’s aspiration for freedom, growth, and inspiring impulses can influence the search for significant transformation and indispensable action. People with these placements seem never to be pleased with their domestic life since it is extremely hard to resonate with someone. A person may become intolerant and too opinionated to look at the world and oneself through others’ perspective.

Emotional detachment may also occur, particularly under stress, posing challenges for partners who require consistent emotional warmth. Moreover, Mars can sometimes drive rash decision-making, urging the need for a more cautious and deliberate approach to decision-making to ensure stability and peace.

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