Aries ascendant / lagna prediction for the month of August 2019- Vedic Astrology – By: Sachin Sharmaa

If you have Aries ascendant i.e number 1 is written in your first house of your birth chart, for such native Aug 2019 will give you the following results :

  1. If there is conflict on land or property issues, keep yourself away from such a situation.
  2. Avoid conflict with brothers or sisters
  3. There will be a new idea about job/business after 8th August 2019 and try to implement it.
  4. There will be a problem with health that may be related to some blood diseases so keep doing physical exercise.
  5. You will feel happiness at your home.
  6. There will be some conflict with children.
  7. Avoid any conflict about property matters.
  8. If your age is more than fifty years then very critical time for health, for the next year.

Sachin Sharmaa,
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