Characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra

Before discussing Characteristics of Rohini Nakshatra let us first discuss what is the meaning of Nakshatra /Constellation?

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When we use the term ” Star” , it means a fixed and unchangeable and motionless.

There are huge numbers of these stars available in the universe but only about 300 stars influence us. We have grouped these countable stars in twenty-seven groups of stars from Ashwini to Revati. Stars that resemble the face of a horse are called Aswini Nakshatra and the other three which look like a triangle is called Bharani Nakshatra , and similarly, other groups are named.

Lord of this nakshatra is Chandra – Moon. It spreads from 10°-0′ in Taurus to 23°-20′ in Taurus.

Now let us discuss characteristics of rohini nakshatra born male and female.

Male characteristics :

Male natives who born in rohini nakshatra always very hot-tempered, very difficult to control, stubborn, always find fault in others. Such a native never except the ideas of others and always try to push his ideas. Such natives are not physically strong due to which you easily got in the clutches of viral diseases. You always talk sweet, like cleanliness, love planned life, like to talk to women. You always ready to help your relatives and friends. You can do anything for the benefits of your relatives and friends.

You never allow others to overcome you. You always listen to your mind and not of the heart. You never follow the same path for long due to which you face huge problems in your career and life. Trying luck in different fields will create huge problems in life and you believe people without any giving second thought which is very risky for your professional life. Till the age of thirty-six, you face huge problems in life and later till the age of fifty you will get good growth in life.

Natives born in Rohini Nakshatra, got less support from father in comparison to mother and maternal uncle. There will always be ups and downs in married life.

Female Characteristics:

Natives born in Rohini nakshatra are slim, well mannered and beautiful. Such natives give full respect to elder people and their parents. You pretend to be strong from outside but from inside you are quite emotional. You have a good relationship with your husband and normally you live a luxurious life .

Such natives may face health problems related to their throat, menstrual problems and leg pain.

Following are the characteristics of people born in different pada of Rohini nakshatra:

First pada of rohini nakshatra: Lord of this pada is Mars. Such natives are lucky, have a good physical appearance, love to roam, greedy. Dasha of Chandra and Mars will give good results to such natives.

Second pada of Rohini nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Venus . Such natives are honest, speak well, face some trouble all the time. Dasha of Venus will give good results in life.

Third pada of Rohini nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Mercury. Such natives are timid, emotional, like magic, love songs and normally happy. Dasha of Chandra and Mercury give good results.

Fourth pada of Rohini nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Venus. Such natives are truth seekers, always speak truth, love pleasures, also love beautiful places. Dasha of Chandra and Venus will give good results.

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