Kendradhipati dosha,What is kendradhipati dosha in astrology,Kendradhipati yoga





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Kendradhipati dosha,What is kendradhipati dosha in astrology,Kendradhipati yoga

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Kendradhipati dosha,What is kendradhipati dosha in astrology,Kendradhipati yoga

In this blog we will discuss what is kendraphita dosha, whether or not it is a dosha ? 

Kendradhipati dosha is specifically termed for natural benefic planets.

Which planets are natural benefics ? Jupiter,Moon,Mercury and Venus are natural benefic planets. But, if you take it for a natural malefic planet then it can be called as Kendradhipati yoga or when a natural malefic owns a quadrant house it is an advantage, but in case of natural benefic it is a disadvantage.

Kendra Houses are 1st, 4th, 7th & 10th House in a Birth Chart.

To make it more clear let's understand this way, when natural benefic planet owns a quadrant house it becomes neutral for that horoscope. So, when a natural benefic owns, its beneficence reduces and becomes a neutral planet. A neutral planet's results depend on its association with other planets and houses.

Kendradhipathi Dosha is found in an any individual's Birth Chart when all the Kendra's are under the lordship of benefic planets.

This Dosha is found in the birth chart of Virgo,Gemini, Pisces,&  Sagittarius ascendants. The planets affected by this Dosha are Jupiter (Gemini & Virgo Ascendants) & Mercury (Sagittarius and Pisces Ascendants).

In other words,in Kendradhipathi Dosha the benefic planet which is affected by it either loses its power or quality to give positive / benefic results or it doesn't give total auspicious results or it gives negative results.

When the ascendant went through the Mahadasha of the Benefic planet that is affected by Kendradhipathi Dosha produces mostly negative results . Though sometimes the ascendant will enjoy good results but what he or she will expect the results will not be so positive.

But, every planet owns two signs & houses except luminaries and nodes. According to great sage Parashara, the lord of trines are always benefic and the lord of 6th,8th & 12th houses are always malefic.

The lords of 2nd, 3rd and 11th are neutral and gives results as per association in horoscope, but they behave as per natural significations of planets as well.

Owner of lagna(ascendant) lord doesn’t suffer this dosha because lagna is kendra and trine both.

Now, when a planet owns two houses its result will depend as per mentioned above. For you quick reference, I am explaining it for each lagna with few example in each lagna(not every planet is considered).

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Aries Ascendant 

Kendradhipati dosha,What is kendradhipati dosha in astrology,Kendradhipati yoga

Moon is the sole owner of the 4th house, becoming neutral, thus it suffers with kendradhipati dosha. Moon is considered beneficial if found in 3 houses away from the sun. If it is not then Moon being kendra lord is the reduction of its maleficence and it is neutral.

Venus is 7th and 2nd lord,its result highly depends on its association, it is an enemy of lagna lord.

Mars is lagna lord and 8th too. It is not malefic here, but being owner of 8th it can give some unexpected results as per association.


Sun is the sole owner of kendra house, it is a natural malefic. It is a neutral planet now, an advantage.

Mars is the owner of 7th house, it is a kendra so loses its maleficence. 

Saturn is the 10th & 9th lord. So, being a trine lord is beneficial.


Mercury is lagna lord and 4th lord. So no dosh. It is a benefic due to its lagna ownership.

Jupiter suffers heavy kendradhipati dosha. It owns both quadrant houses, 7th house of maraka and 10th house, which is also killer of bhagya, 9th house. 


Here Saturn is maraka(7th) lord and 8th lord. He is a natural malefic, its maleficence is reduced but not nullified.

Venus is a natural benefic, being 4th lord it is a neutral planet and being 11th lord it is malefic. It suffers this dosha as its beneficence is hurted.


Saturn & Venus both rule kendra lords and also rule tri-shad-aaye houses. They are malefic.


Mercury is lagna lord. So no dosh.

Jupiter suffers the dosha.


Saturn is trine lord and kendra lord. So no dosh. He is a beneficiary planet.

Mars is marka lord. So, it is a moderate planet and but may become malefic.

Moon is a neutral planet. Only 10th lord.


Venus is natural benefic planet and lord of 12th and 7th house. He is weak maraka.

Saturn is the 4th and 3rd lord. So, a malefic planet.


Jupiter is a good planet. Being lagna lord.


Mars is highly malefic. He is the 4th and 11th lord.

Moon is neutral being lord of 7th house.


Saturn is a good planet, but being 12th house reduces its beneficence of lagna lord to few extent.


No problem to Jupiter, he is 10th and lagna lord.

Mercury is maraka lord and 4th lord. He is a bad planet & suffers from dosh.

Notes :

If the planet is eligible for Kendradhipathi Dosha and is also placed in 1st House then No Kendradhipathi Dosha because 1st House is both Kendra & Trikona

If the planet is eligible for Kendradhipathi Dosha and is also placed in 6th, 8th & 12th House then Kendradhipathi Dosha will be there in Birth Chart.

If the planet is eligible for Kendradhipathi Dosha and is also placed in Kendra then Kendradhipathi Dosha is there in Birth Chart.

If the planet is eligible for Kendradhipathi Dosha and is also placed in 5th & 9th House then No Kendradhipathi Dosha.

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