Mars in the 10th house,Mars in the tenth house





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Mars in the 10th house,Mars in the tenth house

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Mars in the 10th house,Mars in the tenth house

In this blog, let us discuss the impact of Mars in the Tenth house. Also, Let’s see how the placement of Mars affects health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.

What is the Tenth house of the birth chart?

The 10th house is also known as the horoscope's house of Father (as per Western and some Indian astrologers), workplace, individual’s public image/reputation, profession and overall success that one will achieve. It is opposite the 4th house so here there is no pleasure/emotion and it is all about work, profession and overall karma of a person. This brings out the work that a person is supposed to do and will do in their lifetime. The body parts denoted by this house are the thighs and knees. The natural owner of this house is Saturn (Shani) as it directly relates to overall karma and Saturn is the Judge amongst the Planets/Vedic deities. This house is very commonly known as the Karma bhava in Sanskrit as it gives information about the Higher knowledge and religious aspects of one’s life. 

Here Sun gets a directional strength and Mars gets exalted 

What is Mars in Astrology?  

Mars is a fiery planet in astrology. It is also known as the commander-in-chief of the divine army. Mars is the energy of a person/horoscope. Mars is the owner of two very important houses in astrology. The first house i.e.; the house of birth and the 8th house i.e.; the house of death. Mars is the planet that gives the energy and confidence to any and every person to do something. It is the primary planet associated with any type of physical and competitive activity.

Mars shows the daring attitude or nature of a person. It also shows sexual desire which is primarily physical in nature. Since it is known as the army chief it shows the fighting spirit or competitive spirit of an individual. 

Since it owns the very houses of life and death that is the first house and eighth house. It carries the abilities of both types i.e. the ability to confront that could be associated with the first house which is visible to the whole world or conniving/deceiving/camouflaging abilities associated with that of the 8th house.

Its vimshottari dasha can also be called Mangal mahadasha. It rules for 7 years of one’s life. Depending upon the placement and friendship with other planets mars gives its benefic or malefic effects.

During the mars Dasha if positive a sportsman can achieve greater goals and break records. During the same dasha for another individual one could suffer from Mars-related matters like land, blood, fights police cases etc…

Mars is in the 10th house of the birth chart General characteristics: 

According to Vedic astrology placement of Mars in the 10th house means a fiery planet placed in an earthly (Prithvi tattva) place as houses 2,6 and 10 form the Artha/Prithvi (Earth Element) trikon in the natural order. Since Mars is the army general and this becomes the battlefield for Mars and thus Mars is exalted in the 10th house in the natural house order.

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This Mars has the 4th aspect on the 1st i.e. ascendant so it gives good energy to the person. The individual is very energetic in a positive manner and shows high enthusiasm and energy levels, especially in their work field.

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Mars is in the 10th House of birth chart and career:

Since the original energy of Mars is exalted in the 10th house Mars in the 10th house will make a person focused and aggressive in their work field unless there are other limiting factors or bad influences on the ascendant.

These individuals can be good in professions requiring high energy levels. They are ready to face any ups and down in their personal/professional lives. This is a good placement for Armed/Uniformed forces since this Mars tries to follow the leader/King/Govt. and becomes a good leader as well.

Since this is part of the Artha trikon Mars placed here generally makes a person ambitious overall and careful in money matters. With other good combinations, these individuals can be into IT or the Banking sector as well.

With Sun in good placement, the individual can either work in or work for the government. This Mars has its aspect on the 4th house with its 7th aspect, they can also be into professions related to property as well going well with the placement of Saturn.

Mars is in the 10th House of birth chart and Marriage /Married life:

Generally, Mars placed here gives a good leadership ability to the person so if the other partner reciprocates well they can drive their married life well.

They get proper love in life unless other planets are afflicted.

A badly afflicted Mars will face difficulties in married life or business matters as well when placed in the 10th house.

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Mars is in the 10th House of birth chart and Health:

If Mars is in good dignity and so is the ascendant the person will have good energy levels that will be utilised in fulfilling their ambitions.

Under unfavourable time periods(dasha) one could suffer from ailments of the stomach, thighs, knees and even eyes as well. These ailments happen with various combinations with other planets as well.

Mars is in the 10th House of birth chart and Positive impact:

  • Native gets good physical strength and is ambitious.

  • Natives have a keen interest in working for the higher authorities or the government.

  • Well-placed Mars with good dignity will create or help in creating a strong family or business.

  • They could get into government jobs with good sun/Saturn placement.

  • Also, they could work under the Government for Home Land or for children. 

Mars is in the 10th House of birth chart and Negative impact: 

  • This could make a person very aggressive towards one’s own ambitions and make a person come across as very aggressive.

  • Reckless Mars can also cause harm in own home or towards one’s mother or motherly figures.

  • Mars not in good dignity can keep others away from himself as this is the army general on the battlefield under the direction of the king/Sun because a general stays away from the family once when in the battlefield.

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