Sun in the 7th house,Sun in the seventh house





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Sun in the 7th house,Sun in the seventh house

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Sun in the 7th house,Sun in the seventh house

In this blog , we will discuss the impact of sun in the seventh house . Also, Let’s  see How the placement of Sun affects health, Married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive and negative flavour and the best remedies.

What is the seventh  house of the Birth chart?

The 7th house is also known as the horoscope's house of individual’s partners, one’s business, and one’s opposite in simple terms.  It is the house of one’s relationships as well not just marriage. 

It can be said that every house’s opposite is what a person desires in that house so since it is the opposite of the ascendant this house shows what the person desires in a partner or the kind of partner a person will get.

Everything related to marriage is ruled by this house. They governs attraction for the opposite sex, desire to have a partner, sexual fantasies, commitment, passion and possessiveness. This house reveals by you indulge in a relationship-is it for love, money, practical reasons, social pressure or to fill a void in your life? It also indicates your progeny. 

What is sun in Astrology ?

Planet sun is Astrology, has a special significance in Vedic Astrology and in Hinduism. Sun is the main source of energy and light on planet Earth. Astronomically, it is a “Father of Stars” and very nearest to our mother planet  “Earth”. In Hinduism , planet Sun is worshipped as “ Sun God” . It is a planet which represents our “Soul” in Astrology . People pray to the planet Sun thrice a day. It represents our high esteem. 


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What happen when the Sun is placed in the 7th house?

Seventh house in astrology stand for all type of partnership : personal and professional . It is an indication of ego and too much self pride. This house is bad for relationships. However, the truth isn’t it. Remember, natives with sun in seventh house are moody in a relationship not because they are consuming  by ego but because they crave attention. This people are full of brilliant ideas. Not only are they charismatic, but they also have diplomatic skills that can make them extremely successful in their career. Their spouse will be their shield against all problems you ever face in life. 

The areas affected due to the sun in the 7th house:

Love life and relationships

Profession or business

Health and physique

Attitude towards life 

Social standing 

Personality of people having sun in seventh house:

Individuals having sun in the seventh house :

They have high Self-respect.

They are Confident and have good administrative quality.

It makes the personality of its native better and also keeps one away from diseases and illness.

It may make you more aggressive but it works in motivating the person. 

 Sun is in the 7th house of Birth chart and Career: 

Natives having sun in this house affect the professional life of a person. It can bless you with a career in government organizations, it also influences your daily earnings in a positive manner. Such People if going into a partnership it will flourish. Sun also give its natives positive attitude and aggressiveness; it takes you to great professional heights. They are good administrator they prove excellent managers. They have the will and the power to make people work. 

Many people feeling buoyant with sun in seventh house keep trying for highest position in job. But it doesn’t mandate it for all thus one should not lose the opportunities of grabbing other positions inferior to the highest offices. They spoil their valuable years for get them highest position job and reject other opportunities. Such people should try to control their emotions.

Sun is in the 7th house of Birth chart and Health:

Mostly , sun affects the health positively but sometimes it can cause skin alignment especially due to physical contact. If the diseases is timely treated, then it proves to be effective. It can cause peptic ulcers but it does not lead to the cancerous complains.

Sun is in the 7th house of Birth chart and Marriage/Married life:

Sun in the seventh house for spouse doesn’t give good result. It may cause a delay in marriage, or the native may find happiness in their relationships. As planet sun represent ego and ego is never good for any relationship. 

Sun in the seventh house for Husband indicate that the life partner may be dominating in nature. The married life of the native may destroy if there is some malefic planet is placed along with sun. On the other hand, if sun exalted, the native may get a good and devoted life partner who also help in financial prosperity. 

Whereas, Sun in the seventh house for Wife is more harmful because it makes her filled with pride. She starts valuing her family less.

Sun is in the 7th house of Birth chart and Positive Impact:

Sun energy in the Seventh house:

They have a strong need of sharing, caring and bonding.

If they get right partner, they can rise very high in their personal and professional lives.

They invest a lot of time and energy in their relationship and expect a lot from their partner.

They may take some time to find right partner but once they find him/her, they can spend their entire life with him/her.

They are quite popular.

They command huge respect and reverence from a wide cross-section of people in their lives.

They possess leadership qualities and they can guide their colleagues in the areas of work and even personal life.

They fill powered by the warmth and affection which they share with others.

Such persons are religious and god fearing.


Sun is in the 7th house of Birth chart and Negative Impact:

If sun is placed in the seventh house:

It may find it very difficult to deal with conflicts.

When challenges confront you, it is likely that you may take a backseat.

You are neither willing to make a compromise nor face the situation fiercely.

They may even become indecisive and get trapped into confusing thoughts.

They are completely unable to choose one of the options while standing at crossroads of life.

They always are striving to achieve balance in life.

They strongly dislike the prospects  of being rejected.

Besides, they are advised not to judge their own importance on how others see and perceive you.

Leadership quality of these people makes them egoist &running after pride.

They could be short-tempered &restless if what they is not done.


Well, the persons or native having Sun in the seventh house are strongly dependent on their partners. They derive their strength and power from the bonding which they share with each others. At the same time, such persons should ensure that they don’t expect too much from their partner. It will give more strength to your relationship.

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