What is Rahu-Saturn Conjunction in birth chart,Saturn-Rahu conjunction





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What is Rahu-Saturn Conjunction in birth chart,Saturn-Rahu conjunction

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Saturn Rahu Conjunction meaning, what is rahu saturn conjunction in horoscope

In this blog series, we will discuss one of the unique combinations found in many horoscopes of the slowest moving planet Saturn (Shani) and One of the Malefics which causes pain even to the king of the zodiac and itself is a shadow planet which means it is not visible by naked eyes i.e. Rahu also known as the North node of Moon as per the Western astrology. However, since we are primarily referring to the Vedic combinations and their readings accordingly we will call these “Shani-Rahu” yuti(combination). Once we have discussed what this yuti(combination) means post that we will discuss its effect on health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.


What is Saturn and what is Rahu in a birth chart?

Saturn - Saturn is one of the most feared and ill-famed planets by some astrologers for making a quick buck from innocent unsuspecting clientele. Saturn is the slowest-moving planet in the Vedic planetary system. It stays in one zodiac house for at least two and a half years i.e. 2.5 years in one zodiac. During its stay in a particular zodiac, it can also become retrograde and move backwards for some time. Once its distance from Sun decreases it ends its retrograde motion. This means that Saturn is generally retrograde in a zodiac quite a few times. When it is retrograde it is supposed to be more powerful in its gaze(aspect) and its result-giving as well.  Because Saturn is slow it is also termed a lame planet and many times the issues related to lame walking of individuals and knee issues are seen from the impact of Saturn on the individual through its positioning in the horoscope or its transit or the age and forming yog(combinations) at the time of specific transits. Since Saturn is considered to be at the farthest point of the stellar system as per Bhagavata Puran as well it is also considered as Son of the king Sun through its wife Chaya (Shadow) who was placed by the Original wife named Sangya. As per stories from various Puranas Sun is known to have a few children like Saturn, Yam (Yamraj Deity of Bharani Nakshatra) and Yami (Yamuna). We will discuss the story of their birth and their relevance and connection in astrology in later times but for, now we will go ahead with this combination Saturn-Rahu. 

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Saturn is the servant, Saturn is the slowness in one’s life, the obstacles in general, the harsh conditions faced by one for a reason of teaching/learning that one is supposed to get from that planet and its dasha or transit on a particular house. Saturn is the moral obligation and boundaries created by one.  Quite strangely, Saturn the planet which is known as the Karaka(factor) for servants in one’s life is also the Judge amongst the Planets and Saturn is what decides who gets what punishment during their lifetime as read in a horoscope. The main purpose of Saturn is to judge the karmas of a person and grant them the results accordingly, so when a person doesn’t learn about maturity, responsibility, discipline and learn about the importance of service in general, Saturn gives very harsh results and turns a king into pauper or vice versa. Hence Saturn is notorious because it is a very common nature of humans to live life lavishly and devoid of any or all of the above-mentioned habits and Saturn punishes such cases very harshly until they learn the required lesson. Saturn is friends with Venus and Mercury and is equal/respectful to Jupiter. Saturn is unfriendly with Sun, Moon and Mars even though Mars is exalted in Saturn’s house of Capricorn.

Saturn should not be feared but understood and one has to act in life accordingly. Many a time it is important for one to know that the results one is getting in this life are not for this life’s karma but for the previous many lives as well which have accumulated over time and one cannot move towards total inner peace unless one knows the secrets of how to overcome these past life karmas as well and act in the best manner to get the best and long-lasting happiness or obstacle free life from the blessings of Shani.

Saturn dasha is for 19 years which is a very period as it is a slow-moving planet and it gives its results in a very concrete manner i.e. long-lasting and deeply impacting.

Rahu – It is also known as the north node of the Moon. It is a shadow planet and it always moves in a retrograde manner i.e. if Other planets are moving from east to west then Rahu and Ketu move West to east. Another point to note with Rahu is it is always equidistant from Ketu (South Node of Moon) and both these are always retrograde, it’s very rare and only for a very brief moment that these planets are seen as either stationary or in non-retrograde motion.

Rahu is the only planet which causes blackness or darkness over the light of the sun even though for some time only which at time lasts from a few minutes to a few hours this phenomenon is known as the eclipse which could be either partial or full. With different times and different types of eclipse, it causes many distressful things in people’s lives who are affected by it. 

As per Vedic scriptures, Rahu has the lordship of this yug i.e. Kaliyug. Rahu was initially the demon Swarbhanu who disguised himself as a God and sat amongst them as he guessed the cheating that was being done by Gods to give the Nectar to Gods and Alcohol to the Demons. Thus, Rahu in essence is a very intelligent planet. He was identified by Sun and Moon and there Swarbhanu was dissected into two pieces of head and the remaining part because by then he had tasted the nectar of life he was immortalised and came into existence the Rahu and Ketu. 

Since Rahu is the head part detached from the Stomach and other organs it has the brain and the other sensory organs like eyes, ears, speech, taste and smells whereas Ketu is left devoid of all these and has only the portion which does not have these organs this reason makes Rahu the planet with the insatiable hunger for anything and everything and at the same time it makes Ketu very Spiritual planet which has everything in it and it craves nothing other Salvation ( Moksha).

Rahu is like an invisible glass which makes even the sunlight go dark when Sun is eclipsed by Rahu. In a worldly sense, this means a person affected by Rahu by its position or dasha is totally blinded by the light of darkness and no knowledge is helpful to the person unless there are other benefic aspects on the other primary planets in horoscopes like Ascendant, Sun, Moon and Jupiter.

It is said that only Jupiter has some control over the darkness of Rahu but even then, Rahu does quite some damage when it has its transit over important houses and if it is not placed in a benefic manner in the horoscope of the person.

Rahu is always retrograde and it stays in a zodiac for about 18 months and its vimshottri dasha is also for 18 years.

Rahu is the desire of the person that one wants to fulfil in this life whereas Saturn tells about the karmic balance one carries from his past life.

Rahu directly affects the thinking of the person and makes it go topsy-turvy in its transit and more so in its dasha.

When do these two planets meet in the zodiac?  

As we just discussed that Saturn moves around the zodiac in approx. 30 years i.e. 2.5 years in 1 zodiac sign and Rahu moves around the zodiac in 18 years i.e. approx. 18 months in 1 zodiac sign.

These two planets meet once approximately every 12 years or so.

Since both the planets alone only are known as malefic planets one can understand the effect of the combination of these two malefic in a person’s horoscope.

The combination is one of the unique combinations of any horoscope as one may consider two bad buddies being together in a place. One is responsible for individuals’ actions and another is notorious to make one’s thinking circuit go haywire. This combination will occur in two-three manners and positions.

First when Rahu and Saturn enter from opposite directions since Rahu is always moving in retrograde motion only and Saturn goes retrograde for some time.

Then once both the planets have entered a particular zodiac the distance between them would be too large so the effect could be a little less for the person.

Slowly, over the passage of time and movement of these two in the same zodiac will bring them close to each other causing the poison they could create to become concentrated and thus the result is given out by them as stronger.

In the meanwhile, it could be possible that sometimes in this combination even Saturn becomes retrograde as it does in a zodiac many times. Now, the result would be differently accentuated.

Once these two planets have crossed each other they will start to move away from each other and eventually one of them will leave the zodiac first. So even in the journey of exiting the zodiac, the results would be different. Nevertheless, the results will be there in some particular cases one could find them to be highly accentuated as two very high-level energies are getting mixed up and both are considered as kind of dark forces within the horoscope.

What does the meeting go these two planes Saturn and Rahu mean?

According to a saying in Vedic astrology (Shanivat Rahu, Kujwat Ketu) means Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars.

These are two dark energies of similar type but with different purposes having been kept in the horoscope by the divine designer.

Saturn is the Son of the Sun by his wife Chaya (Shadow) thus meaning Saturn is the Shadow of the Sun. and Rahu is the invisible disc/planet which when comes in front of the sun causes a global event called eclipse which means the dark time during the day itself. 

Observing carefully, we realise that there is something happening with and around the sun in the horoscope so to say there is something happening with the soul of a person and its overall journey in this lifetime getting impacted by this yuti (combination).

This means the areas getting affected are the higher(intuition) learning, worldly desires and hard work and the impending results as given by the judge Saturn

This is not a very easy combination to decipher and the results would be different for different individuals some factors have been mentioned and discussed above.

Other factors that could affect the good or bad results of this yuti (combination) are the aspect of positive planets on the ascendant or the ascendant lord or a strong Sun or it could be a Strong and unafflicted Moon. 

In our next blog, we will discuss how this yuti affects a person when present in various houses and what factors could be beneficial and where it could cause some damage as well as Rahu Shows Laziness and Shani shows slowness so one can imagine easily now one

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