Sun in the tenth house,Sun in the 10th house





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Sun in the tenth house,Sun in the 10th house

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Sun in the tenth house,Sun in the 10th house

In this blog, we will discuss the impact of sun in the Tenth house. Also, Let’s see How the placement of Sun affects health, Married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive and negative flavour and the best remedies.

What is the Tenth house of the Birth chart?

The 10th House holds sheer importance in Native’s life. It is called ‘karmasthana’ , which refers to the house of profession and career. This house may unfold the struggling phase of your career. It may help you learn about the ups and downs in your profession. This house may also help you to polish your self image, and your social circle. It may throw light your ambitions and interest in the specific field. It will also relate to your mother’s emotion . It gives you an idea about your social status and position in society. 

It represents the lower part of the individual’s body .It is associated with the knee,hips,leg bones and knee joints. Other than that, if the 10th house is weak in the native’s kundali, it signifies skin diseases, allergies, and an emaciated body. This house play a vital role for natives who are undergoing knee surgery or muscular treatments. 

The 10th house will give us an idea about the strength . If the 10th house is in exalted sign, it may give you favourable outcomes. Or, if there is a presence of the debilited sign, you may not get benefits from the house of profession.

10th house of birth chart relates to : 

Professional life

Career goals

Higher studies


Social status



Working attitude

Interest in studies

Preferred  field

What is sun in Astrology ?

Planet sun is Astrology, has a special significance in Vedic Astrology and in Hinduism. Sun is the main source of energy and light on planet Earth. Astronomically, it is a “Father of Stars” and very nearest to our mother planet  “Earth”. 

In Hinduism , planet Sun is worshipped as “ Sun God” . It is a planet which represents our “Soul” in Astrology . People pray to the planet Sun thrice a day. It represents our high esteem. 

In Western Astrology , planet Sun is also known by the name “ Apollo” . They consider it as a son of “Jupiter” and “Latona” . 

Sun is in Tenth house of the Birth chart, Gender Characteristics ; what is the role of sun in janampatri /horoscope ? How will the sun transit affect your life? Know the tips, to balance its negative effects with the help of the Sun transit report.

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What happen when the Sun is placed in the 10th house?

If the sun is present in the 10th house:

You may find it easy to easy to grab career opportunities.

You may share your success story with your family.

You may spend quality time with your family members too.

You are likely to possess leadership quality and managerial skills.

It may help you earn fame,respect and honour in society.

You may invest more energy in chasing your career goals.

It may bless you wisdom and knowledge.

You are likely to be a generous and kind hearted person.

It endows you with the ability to overcome challenging phases.

Personality of people having Sun in 10th house:

The natives with the sun in the 10th house have charming personalities, they are intelligent, skillful, and knowledgeable. These natives make a powerful impact on others, the people get easily attracted towards them. These people are much respected in society. They are very kind-hearted to others. The natives are also very honest about expressing their feeling and emotions. As personalized predictions, they get very famous in their respected field because of their hard work and dedication. They should be careful of other outside negative impacts, it can bring them down, other than that the natives have an amazing personality, which will be adored by others.

Sun is in the 10th house of Birth chart and Career: 

The natives of this position will have tremendous career growth in life .These natives are most likely to have an influential  position in their careers . In career report astrology, it is said that these natives are hardworking, ambitious, and dedicated to their work. These natives will be respected by others in their workplace. Natives get benefits, recognition, and popularity in their workspace. They are most likely to remain in the public eye, they are also very good at public speaking. There is an impressive growth of career in these natives lives, they achieve a high level of success.

Sun is in the 10th house of Birth chart and Marriage/Married life:

The sun in the 10th house brings great love and luck to the native’s life. As per marriage predictions, the native will have an intelligent and charming spouse in life, which will bring good luck and fortune to the native’s life. They will have true love and understanding with each other, these people will have a stable and a lifetime relationship with each other. The native should make sure that don’t false trap outsiders and put a negative impact on their relationship. Other than that, both the people will enjoy a great, stable, peaceful and fortunate marriage for life.

The Sun is in the 10th house of Birth chart and Positive Impact:

Well , the natives of the sun in 10th house :

Profession may bestow working abilities and an optimistic approach towards your life.

It will be effective on your professional front, You may receive proper recognition and appreciation  from your boss or head of the department.

It bless you with communication skills. 

It  help you remove speech-related problems.

You have stable financial growth .

It will make sure you achieve a good social position.

You could be the centre of attention .

It will be at organizing events and making new contacts.

It may help you develop an analytical mind.

It sharpen your thoughts and ideas as well.

It may participate in the teamwork to share your knowledge.

You establish more contact to expand your social circle.

You carry a positive mindset and easy going attitude.

You are not scared to try new things.

Sun is in the 10th house of Birth chart and Negative Impact:

The natives of the sun in 10th house :

You may deal with anxiety and depression.

You may forget about your real work targets.

You may have unnecessary expenditure.

It may disturb peace and happiness in your family.

You may face health troubles.

You are likely to make wrong decisions and bad choices.

You can be feel guilty for your past mistakes.

It may lead you to have money debts.

You may have a struggling phase in the initial stages, but later, you may make remarkable progress in life.

You are likely to waste time overthinking.

You are likely to be judgemental, which may distract your focus from making the desired progress.

You may get easily bored if you don’t get the work of your choices.


Natives may have social status and professional life prospects. It is primarilt associated with your career growth , achievements , reputation, recognition,and self responsibilities. You may improve your previously spoiled relations with your friends and also signifies your work and responsibilities in your day to day life. Sun in the tenth house represent strong placement for career and government job as well. 

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