Rahu Saturn in the second house,Saturn Rahu conjunction in the 2nd house





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Rahu Saturn in the second house,Saturn Rahu conjunction in the 2nd house

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Rahu Saturn in the second house,Saturn Rahu conjunction in the 2nd house

Continuing further from the prologue blog to Saturn Rahu conjunction/combination, we now consider that you are aware of the basic characteristics of both planets if that is not the case we suggest you go and do a quick read of the prologue to this yuti (conjunction/combination) published/posted earlier. Now in this blog, we will discuss the impact of Shani-Rahu yuti in the first house, also known as the horoscope's ascendant. How will this yuti (conjunction/combination) affect health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies?

What is the Second house of the birth chart?

The 2nd house is also known as the money house (Dhan bhav), the accumulated money that a person gets or makes. It also shows the family of the individual, since the family is the wealth of a person. Body wise the 2nd house represents the mouth and speech. This house shows what the person feels for wealth in his life. This also shows the initial upbringing of a person. Body wise it tells details about the face, teeth, tongue, nose or right eye. This house tells about the accumulating habits of a person. The natural owner of this house is Venus which represents the wealth and consumption of worldly items. This house also tells about what kind of food a person would like to consume or if a person would have drinking habits. 

What is the Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination in Astrology?

A major part of this has been mentioned in the first blog of this series of Saturn-Rahu conjunction.


Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination is in the 2nd house of the birth chart General characteristics: 

Saturn is considered to be in a friend’s house when it is in the 2nd house of the horoscope of natural order i.e. Kaal Purush Kundali because the owner of this house is Venus. Since the Element of this house is Earth/Prithvi Tattva. At the same time, this house forms the first house of the Artha Trikon.  At the same time for the placement of Rahu, many astrologers claim that it is very happy here as once again it is in its friend’s house and also in the house where its luminary enemy i.e. Moon is in exaltation. Moon was also in a party with Sun who identified the Swarbhanu sitting amongst the Gods disguised as one of them for the Nectar/elixir of immortality from the Lord Vishnu in the form of Mohini and caused this demon to be cut into two forming the Rahu and Ketu.

Now, once these two enter the same house i.e. 2nd house they will be at some distance from each other. Here the results would vary depending on the distance between them which has been discussed earlier as well.

For example: When both are almost 30 degrees apart then their energies do not combine much and the results could be weak, also because as per the aging system calculation used in Vedic astrology the Planets are at the infancy stage and Old age stage at the beginning and end of a zodiac with Odd sign and vice-versa. So, here one should also look at the Nakshatra Nav Tara table and see if the two are into the category of Atimitra or mitra or otherwise. If they are coming under the influence of the prior said category they become two good friends and if Saturn is benefic for this ascendant then it would make the person very sharp-minded as well even though Saturn represents slowness.

Now, because the 2nd house shows the inclination to accumulate wealth and Saturn is known to save the place where it is placed. This Saturn will help the individual get the family’s old money and at the same time, this person will also have a burning desire to make more money than what he already has in his bank account. His main efforts in this life will be towards making money that is accumulated. This conjunction could have very good or bad results when both these two planets are in the middle part of the zodiac sign and have their full power to give their results. This is for the simple reason that any planet is said to be in its total youthful stage when it is in the very middle part of any zodiac sign.

What is the role of this conjunction/combination in your Janampatri/horoscope? How will this combination/conjunction transit affect your life? Know the tips to balance its negative effects with the help of our transit report.

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Saturn-Rahu conjunction is in the 2nd House of birth chart and career:

Because this conjunction/combination gives some shrewdness to a person, here it is being formed in the 2nd house the individual would be using this to its benefit to earn money. If such a person happens to become an astrologer, this astrologer could get very famous as well as this position is showing that Ketu is researching the 8th house whose Kaarak is Shani which is looking at it directly and Rahu is speaking those secrets of astrology. So, if the Sun and Jupiter are placed well then, this person could make a lot of money from the astrology field as well. One will have to face delays given by Saturn and those multiplied many times by Rahu for achieving the money that one desires but it will make the person a very hard-working person as well at the same.

Since the 2nd house also deals with eating habits and these two planets can make a person delve into alcohol as well so it would not be a strange thing if one finds such a person making money through alcohol as well also especially when the Moon is also somehow connected with the 2nd house in some manner. 

This being a very powerful yuti/yog of secrecy one could be involved with some hidden business as well.

Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination is in the 2nd house of birth chart and Marriage /Married life:

Since two functional malefic are in the 2nd house and they give the 7th aspect to the 8th house of the partner’s family there could be trouble because of the secretive nature of the spouse/partner and the coldness that Ketu could give to the partner’s family.There could be a delay in the marriage of the person as the house of the family has the planet of delay placed in it. Other than that, there is the 3rd aspect of this Saturn on the 4th house of happiness and one’s home which again makes one put great efforts into finding peace in one’s life with these energies.

If the person lies in his relationship/marriage then this could be a cause of concern as these two in 2nd house could also make one lie a lot.

Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination is in the 2nd house of birth chart and Health:

Since the kaarak of the 6th house and the kaarak of diseases, Saturn is in the 2nd house of the horoscope the person surely gets some health issues which could be amplified by the positioning of Rahu as well there. This house relates to the neck or the speech so if the Mercury and the 2nd house lord is also badly impacted then one could also have speech impairments. This conjunction could also give skin diseases around the legs as Saturn is kaarak for legs as well. Since Rahu is smoke and 2nd house can get one addicted to smoking this could also lead to severe lung issues like cancer. Since it is placed along with Saturn it will prolong the disease as well.

Apart from Lung disorders if the person becomes a drunkard one could affect one’s liver in a very negative manner and this will be highly amplified if Jupiter is not in good dignity.

Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination is in the 2nd House of birth chart and Positive impact:

  • A person eventually understands the seriousness that one has to have in life.

  • One learns great lessons through multiple failures given by Saturn.

  • If Saturn is good an individual helps needy people person Saturn helps the person to get the right direction.

  • If the person is into positive things in life like spirituality and worships Saraswati. This could make a person get into astrology and make a good future reader.

  • The family could have many elders in the family who could give good guidance and provide families old money to the person with this conjunction.

Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination is in the 2nd House of birth chart and Negative impact:

  • The individual could be in constant anxiety due to money issues.

  • The person could become a compulsive liar and that also with very confidence

  • The person would have a family with many old people who could be suffering from many diseases.

  • Such a person could have gastrointestinal issues as well.

  • This conjunction in 2nd is quiet notorious to make one get into the habit of either drinking alcohol or smoking or one could have both these vices.

  • Some may suffer from head issues or blood issues (more so if Mercury for mind and Mars for blood, are also not in good placement and dignity). We see Mercury and Mars for 1st house as Mercury denotes the brain and Mars stands as the natural owner of the 1st house.

  • Some individuals could also develop a chronic drinking problem as well.

  • Such individuals could be very harsh on their partners and might not be able to keep the partnership well. Their partner could suffer because of their attitude and harsh nature.

  • Rahu could cause issues in married life due to affairs and Saturn could bring problems because of the age differe

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