Moon in 1st house,Moon in the first house of birth chart





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Moon in 1st house,Moon in the first house of birth chart

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Moon in 1st house,Moon in the first house of birth chart

In this blog, let us discuss the impact of Moon in the first house. Also, Let’s see how the placement of Moon affects health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.

What is the First house of the birth chart?

The 1st house is also known as the ascendant or the body of the person. This gives the very basic information about the build, body type and immunity of a person. In case the horoscope is for an item then it is about the overall idea of the item (could be a country, vehicle etc.). This is the house of the overall body and faces type, and the complexion of the person as well. 

It denotes the east side of the place where the person is born. This house denotes the beginning of life where the soul takes birth in the form of a body. It can be said as the favourite house of the sun as well as the sun starts to rise from the east direction.

1st house gives information about the overall body, face and upper body. This house gives the first impression of a person.

The planetary positions of planets placed in the 1st house decide what type of energy mixture could be there in a person. The aspects of various planets on this house directly and greatly impact the overall life of an individual.

This house is very commonly known as the Tan or Tanu bhav in Sanskrit as it gives information about the body of the individual. The strength of this house decides how healthy a person would be and how strong and long-lived he/she could be.

Moon is in the 1st house of the birth chart General characteristics: 

Moon’s position here makes the person emotional and moody. Such persons tend to be overly unpredictable,overly sensitive, and submissive which leads to indecisiveness. Such persons want to be famous and recognized. Such persons' personality is under the strong influence of their mother. 

When Moon in 1st house,such person love travelling and in later stage of life they have travelled a lot in life. 

When the Moon is in the first house, such person becomes a sensitive and intuitive person. Feelings are very important for him, and he expect that others will have same feeling for him as well. 

Such persons generally have very fluctuating feelings . Any person ( male / female) with the Moon in the 1st house will have some feminine behaviors, but the Moon does not affect so much his sexual preferences.

Moon in 1st house, such person can be very intuitive,psychic, catch future events through dreams and can easily “read” the feelings and thoughts of other people who all are near to them. It is difficult to such person to hide their emotions , and other people can easily understand the mood of such individuals.

If we talk about the appearance, the Moon in the 1st house gives a pale skin to the native, which can be nearly totally white if the Ascendant falls in a Water sign. The hair tends to be black or at least dark. Such person have round cheeks, however their weight can often fluctuate during their life. If moon is aspected by Venus or conjunction is there with Venus then such person are more attracted toward jewellery,stones & latest fashion. Such person love to get surprise gifts. 

Moon in the first house and romance life : 

If we talk about the romance life of such person, then in their love life, they adore cuddling and exchanging feelings of safety with their partner. Such persons are more romantic and express their feelings to opposite partner very quickly.  

What is Moon in Astrology? 

The Moon in astrology represents your emotions and feelings. The Moon shows persons' deepest needs and emotions. The Moon in the birth chart describes how person react to what is happening to him and also his reaction what is happening around him. 

The Moon is also known about instincts and intuition. When moon is placed in water signs can give the person gift of a refined sixth sense, sometimes even psychic abilities.  The Moon in astrology also governs the person instincts that tell him if he is lost on the wrong track or he is on the right track.  The Moon also governs the subconscious mind in astrology. Moon being a watery planet, it has access to sub concious mind and deep memories, memories your conscious mind doesn’t even know exist. 

When moon is well-aspected in birth chart, Moon gifts you with great memory, especially if it is in a harmonious aspect to Mercury. The Moon in astrology shows the irrational side of the person. It is the planet of feelings in astrology, and when we talk about feelings, there is no logical explanation for it. Feelings can’t be right or wrong, feelings are neutral in nature and they just exist. 

Moon also shows the habits of a person. When Moon is aspected by malefic planets, then OCD(obsessive compulsive disease) is an example of that.Such person should be very careful during the Moon dasha in life. 

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Moon in the 1st House of birth chart and career:

Moon in the first house promotes in professions like : Cooking,research,astrology,travelling,acting,& media.

Moon in the 1st House of birth chart and Marriage /Married life:

When moon is in the first house, it is favourable position for marriage and married life. Such person tend to have great married life partners in their life. Their might be some misunderstanding in the first few years,but later the married life will be smooth.However, if aspected by malefic planets, then there are chances that conflict in married life may increase and married life become more tense. 

Moon in the 1st House of birth chart and Health:

Moon in the 1st house can make the person little chubby and create blood pressure issue in the later half of life. Such person should always control their weight in life.

Moon in the 1st House of birth chart and Positive impact:

  • The personality of such persons are strongly under the influence of their mother. 

  • Moon in the 1st house makes the native intuitive. 

  • Moon in the first house raises the chances of travels.

  • Such persons got good opportunities abroad in career. 

  • These natives need to be self-confident. 

  • Such person should be more assertive and less sensitive to their surroundings so that they can perform better.

  • Such persons are very friendly by nature .

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  • Such persons can express themselves easily and are not terrified at this point. 

  • Moon in 1st house makes the native very caring and will possess a very strong determination. 

Moon is in the 1st House of birth chart and Negative impact: 

  • Such persons are over emotional.

  • Person with Moon in the 1st house become depressed and cut off if they are not able to share their thoughts with the people around them. 

  • Such person have fluctating mood. 

  • Such person never take things lightly and takes things personally.

  • Such persons are ruled by their heart and not by mind, due to which such person face difficulties in life.

  • Such persons may face depression in life. 

  • Such person married life will not be successful.

  • Partnership business will not suit to such persons.

Moon in the first house and Remedies:

1. Such persons should not marry between the age of 24 and 27 years. 

2. Avoid building house out of your earnings between the age of 24 and 27 years.

3. Such person should keep themself away from the green colour and sister-in-law. 

4. Avoid keeping silver pot or kettle with a snout (Toti) in it in the house.

5. Such person should always offer water to the roots of a Banyan tree whenever you can afford.

6. Such person should always throw coins whenever crossing a river, for the welfare of your children.

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