Rahu Saturn conjunction in the 5th house,Saturn Rahu conjunction in the fifth house





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Rahu Saturn conjunction in the 5th house,Saturn Rahu conjunction in the fifth house

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Rahu Saturn conjunction in the 5th house,Saturn Rahu conjunction in the fifth house

In this blog we will discuss Rahu Saturn conjunction in the fifth house. If you want to know more about What is Rahu Saturn Conjunction meaning, you can read our prologue blog to Saturn Rahu conjunction/combination


Now in this blog, we will discuss the impact of Saturn Rahu Conjunction in the fifth house. How will this yuti (conjunction/combination) affect health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies?

What is the Fifth house of the birth chart?

The 5th house is also known as the horoscope's house of Children, Creativity, Love, Desires, knowledge, education (Graduation Level), Past life good karmas, fame (as the natural owner is the sun the main reason for fame), followers (since it shows students as well who follow their ideals/leaders, house of your mother’s side (Maternal family), heart ailments, ailments related to below the chest area.  The love and creativity of a person are seen as affected by the planets placed here and the fifth lord’s placement in the horoscope.  5th house gives information about a person’s creativity, self-expression, and love-related affairs, it is 3rd from 3rd so it’s higher communication i.e. written communication like that of writing books etc. Body parts denoted by this house are the area below the chest, upper abdomen, gall bladder, stomach (as the sun owns it naturally and denotes fire as well; digestive fire is what digests the food in the body) and intestines as well. This house is very commonly known as the sut/santati bhav in Sanskrit as it gives information about a person's happiness from children and one’s cultural knowledge. This is also the mantra house of the horoscope as it gives proficiency/success to one in one or many mantras.

What is the Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination in Astrology?

A major part of this has been mentioned in the first blog of this series of Saturn-Rahu conjunction. So, we request you to please refer our blog What is Saturn Rahu Conjunction in the birth chart ? 

Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination is in the 5th house of the birth chart General characteristics: 

Both these planets give different types of results when placed individually in this house. Now with the conjunction there comes some difference in their overall results as compared to the single placement in this house. The negative results might not be present in those horoscopes where Saturn owns the 5th house or is the owner of the Dharma trine as it would be forming a Rajyog in the horoscope due to its placement in the trine position with the ascendant.

Since the 5th house is originally owned by Sun and is the house that shows many things and the first one amongst them is children. This tug of war of Saturn and Rahu can cause issues in one having the blessings of Children until there are other benefic yog in the horoscope. The individual could still be blessed with children if the 5th lord is in a strong position and has good dignity and getting aspects from major other planets of the horoscope. 5th house is also the house of love affairs as well as creative thinking. Here Rahu gives a lot of desires and out-of-the-box thinking and intuition and Saturn pulls it all back bringing some long-term seriousness into those aspects. Initial love affairs of a person may not be successful and if the 7th house which is of partnership doesn’t get affected by a strong Venus then no love affairs might get successful. The individual would have some intuition and they would like to explore the benefits of using the same however this person can get setbacks due to the positioning of Saturn also there. 

The presence of Rahu again enhances or explodes whatever Saturn can give in terms of restrictions so if Saturn restricts Rahu can make it worse in the unfavourable dasha or transit. This, when seen as in relation to the past life karmas which are also shown by the 5th house somewhere, indicates some heavy Dridh karmas. Dridh karmas are those karmas which have to be lived in this life. 5th house also shows the first level of higher education meaning the graduation level so this conjunction can also give individuals great difficulties to achieve that level of education. This can be overcome the Mars and Mercury along with Jupiter are in good dignity and position. These individuals could also have children through other than normal means which could be the adoption of orphans or other medically-assisted childbirths going up to surrogacies. These persons should ideally not deal in speculation business as that could result in some losses for them. Now, once these two enter the same house i.e. 5th house they will be at some distance from each other. Here the results would vary depending on the distance between them which has been discussed earlier as well. This conjunction should be watched very carefully, especially if one undergoes the dasha, Antardasha or pratyantar dasha of Shani in Rahu or Rahu in Shani.Apart from the dasha while in transit if this combination forms anywhere in any zodiac sign this individual could feel that energy related to the house where it is forming in the transit of planets.This is a Fiery place with its original/natural owner being Sun. Rahu is the smog/fog and can cause addiction towards smoking which could in turn result in issues with the lungs eventually over a period of time.

What is the role of this conjunction/combination in your Janampatri/horoscope? How will this combination/conjunction transit affect your life? Know the tips to balance its negative effects with the help of our transit report.

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Want to know What will be the impact of Saturn in the 5th house, you can read our blog : Saturn in the 5th house of birth chart

Saturn-Rahu conjunction is in the 5th House of birth chart and career:

Because this conjunction/combination gives some shrewdness to a person, here it is being formed in the 5th house which is the 8th to the 10th house of overall karma so in the sub-periods of the 5th lord there could be sudden changes in one’s profession. 

Also, since the 5th house is the 12th from the 6th house of service so if there are other combinations relating to the 12th house then the person who is an employee could also move to foreign lands through their service/employment.

If the initial formal education of Graduation or Higher Schooling which can be seen from this house also gets affected by the placement of Saturn and Rahu and there could be a break or loss of interest in one leading one capable only of low-level skilled jobs and not other very high paying jobs.

With other benefic conjunctions or aspects, if a person gets into Government jobs or with their hard work one could still try to use new creative ways to earn money using unfair means as this conjunction will somehow bring this part in the individual ‘s horoscope. However, this conjunction primarily makes a person work towards learning some skillset and working for oneself and making money in that manner. If a person worships Sun along with other remedies the results could be a little less harsh as Sun is the original owner of this place 

Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination is in the 5th house of birth chart and Marriage /Married life: 

The individual would face issues due to the uncontrolled interest in affairs with the opposite gender and failure in the same due to the presence of Saturn which demands seriousness in any and all aspects that it affects. Partnerships could face some difficult times.

If the Venus is not in good dignity the person could surely face issues due to the coldness in their persona or the partner could be too flirtatious and go with anyone around them for the fulfilment of these romantic desires/wishes. 

However, on the negative side, the person could have multiple partners, as well as this Rahu, explodes the desires in the 5th house affairs starting from having romantic liaisons to kids and desires of low level as well due to the presence of Saturnian energy in the 5th house.

Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination is in the 5th house of birth chart and Health:

This combination or any other combination gives stomach-related diseases. These could include hyperacidity or indigestion and many more. 

This conjunction could make one suffer from the zodiac sign part signification-related diseases as well during unfavourable dasha or sub-Dasha.

Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination is in the 5h House of birth chart and Positive impact:

  • A person is hard working and doesn’t care much about profits initially to improve on the skills.

  • If Saturn is benefic then intuition power could be very good of such individuals.

  • If Saturn is good and leads this conjunction person is law-abiding and can get into government jobs as well.

Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination is in the 5th House of birth chart and Negative impact:

  • The education might suffer due to the overconfidence given by Rahu in their early years or their interest in Otherworldly romantic affairs 

  • Failure in the stock market if they use the speculation business to earn a quick buck.

  • Chil

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