What is Rahu Moon Conjunction in astrology,Rahu Moon conjunction in birth chart





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What is Rahu Moon Conjunction in astrology,Rahu Moon conjunction in birth chart

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What is Rahu Moon Conjunction in astrology,Rahu Moon conjunction in birth chart

In this blog series, we will discuss one more unique combination found in many horoscopes of the Shadow planet Rahu (North Node of Moon) and the fastest moving planet Moon. This conjunction gives a variety of results to a variety of people. 

Rahu is that shadow planet which can eclipse the two luminaries the Sun and the Moon of the planetary system, it can darken even the brightest star planet The Sun is the king of the zodiac in an eclipse even though an eclipse is for a very short period but its results are far-reaching. On the other side, Moon is the fastest-moving planet which moves around the zodiac in approximately 27 days. However, since we are primarily referring to the Vedic combinations and their readings accordingly we will call these “Rahu-Moon (Rahu-Chandra)” yuti(combination/conjunction). 

Once we have discussed what this yuti(combination/conjunction) means post that we will discuss house wise its effect on health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies.

What is Rahu and what is Moon in a birth chart?

Rahu – It is also known as the north node of the Moon as per the new age definition. As per Vedic astrology, it is a shadow planet and it always moves in a retrograde manner i.e. if Other planets are moving from east to west then Rahu and Ketu move West to east. Another point to note with Rahu is it is always equidistant from Ketu (South Node of Moon) and both these are always retrograde, it’s very rare and only for a very brief moment that these planets are seen as either stationary or in non-retrograde motion.

Rahu is the only planet which causes blackness or darkness over the light of the sun even though for some time only which at time lasts from a few minutes to a few hours this phenomenon is known as the eclipse which could be either partial or full. With different times and different types of eclipse, it causes many distressful things in people’s lives who are affected by it.  As per Vedic scriptures, Rahu has the lordship of this yug i.e. Kaliyug. 

Rahu is said to be active all the time since it causes Sun Eclipse in Day time only and it causes Moon Eclipse as well at night so it is always active. Still, since it is a demonic type of energy it is said to be very powerful during the night. Rahu has been given the co-ownership of the Aquarius zodiac sign as well.  One very important part of Rahu is that it governs the Nakshatras and all of them fall in the Kaam Trikon (Lust Trine) of 3, 7 and 11 houses as it just wants to satisfy itself.

Rahu is always retrograde and it stays in a zodiac for about 18 months and its vimshottari dasha is also for 18 years. Rahu is the deepest desire of the person’s consciousness that one wants to fulfil in this life whereas the Moon is the emotion and the karmic records one has been through all past lives. Apart from this Rahu represents materialism, never-ending lust, mischievous activities programmer, compulsive obsession and confusion. Rahu directly affects the thinking of the person and makes it go topsy-turvy in its transit and more so in its dasha. Even though Rahu can cause an eclipse on Sun as well but since it is a Taamsic energy planet it is more powerful during the night. Also, when a person gets into the habit of drinking and smoking Rahu gets more active and its influence is increased many times.

Moon – It is the fastest-moving planet in Vedic astrology. The moon travels through the entire zodiac in approximately 27 days i.e. it stays in one Nakshatra (Constellation) in a day. Its speed varies as in some zodiacs it could be fast and in some, it could be slow. As per the Vedic date system i.e. Thithi system if Moon stays in one Nakshatra for longer than usual then it results in Thithi vriddhi and if it moves very fast then it could result in Thithi Kshay (Lessening of a Thithi). It is said that Moon was married to the 27 daughters of Lord Brahma and he spent most of his time with one particular wife Rohini and which made other wives jealous and a complaint was made against the Moon to Brahma. Brahma tried to make the moon understand but he did not listen and did not mend his ways so he was cursed to have a disease of Kshay rog (A kind of disease) but later gave the moon some solace with some grace of the disease increasing and decreasing. 

Moon is the planet that shows the mother of a person, the emotions of the native. It is said to be the deepest feelings, emotions and instincts of a person. In a horoscope where Sun represents the Masculine energy, Moon represents the feminine energy of the horoscope. Since it represents mother and motherland it is also said that the menstrual cycle of females is also connected with the moon’s phases. Moon, in general, is very weak of character and when alone is not very happy as it needs some company or some other planet’s aspect always to give good and proper results. This is seen in the weak moon when the Moon is in Kemdrum Yog means both houses behind and ahead of the Moon are empty. A beneficial Moon would give you balance even with very small support in life and a happy mind. A weak Moon would give diseases easily like the common cold and cough, an ever-changing personality of a person i.e. a fickle-minded person. It will also affect the hormones and affect the normal growth of a person. It indicates professions related to ladies, societies of ladies, social functions, navigation, swimming pool or water body-related jobs, dairy, alcoholic beverages, agriculture etc.

When do these two planets meet in the zodiac?  

As we just know that Moon moves around the zodiac in approximately 27 days i.e. it stays for 2.25 days in 1 zodiac sign and Rahu moves around the zodiac in 18 years i.e. it stays in one zodiac sign for approximately 18 months.

These two planets meet once approximately every 27 days and stay in one zodiac for more than 2 days since Moon takes a complete round of the zodiac in 27 days and stays for approximately 1 day in one nakshatra. Since Rahu is known as a malefic planet and Moon is a friend to all planets other than the shadow planets, one can understand the effect of the combination of these in a person’s horoscope. This conjunction of the Moon with Rahu is different from its conjunction with Ketu. Rahu is a materialistic planet and known for trying to rule even over the Sun thus causing the eclipse whereas Ketu is headless with no sense of self-realisation through the senses which are available with Rahu. It is a symbol of complete surrendering or complete dependence on other planets placed along with it. It has very strong energy and since we know that Moon is morally weak Rahu can amplify the same and natives can have multiple out-of-boundary relationships. Natives can be very strong emotionally and can hide their actual emotions very well compared to any other person.

What does the meeting go these two planes Rahu and Moon mean?

According to a saying in Vedic astrology (Shanivat Rahu, Kujwat Ketu) means Rahu is like Saturn and Ketu is like Mars.

This can be intense conjunction as Rahu has a unique ability to mould itself in the energy of the house or the planets that it is placed within the same zodiac sign. This conjunction brings a kind of disconnection/dissociation as native tends to go into their world of imagination unless there are other stabilising factors. Since Moon is a continuously fast-moving planet and Rahu is a foreigner, natives can travel to foreign lands very frequently or the travel can be out of town as well. This surely brings some kind of emotional disbalance in the native which is kept hidden well for very long times. This can come out with the closest people in their lives. This can make one very selfish and shrewd as well with a very fertile imagination that is used well when needed for self-benefit. Such natives will get bored very easily and that can become an issue for their partnerships later. One will keep looking for something or other related to the house or zodiac that could give the feeling of completeness. This conjunction gives the native an innate interest in the research field.

Moon represents the mother and motherland and Rahu is a separative force so this can take a person away from the same. It can also cause the natives to have unreasonable expectations. If the person is practical then these will be kept in check and will be reasonable else, this can cause depression phases as well in the native. Since Rahu is a materialistic planet and Moon is the mind this makes the mind of a person more materialistic in nature, in extreme cases where the native becomes an ascetic then also the native will strive very hard to reach the topmost possible level for the monk life or in meditation as well. 

In our next blog, we will discuss how this rahu moon conjunction affects a person when present in various houses and what factors could be beneficial and where it could cause some damage as well. The horoscope is saved by many bad yog being formed by one benefic planet i.e. Jupiter, if Jupiter is good and placed well then, many negatives of the horoscope are automatically removed by the good grace of Jupiter.

We will discuss what it does in all houses and then what are the possible good impacts or the bad impacts and what could be the mitigating factors for this yuti for one’s rescue from any possible bad results. 

What is the role of Rahu Moon conjunction in your horoscope? How will this yuti (combination) in your horoscope or during a transit affect your life? Know the tips to balance its negative effects with the help of the transit report.

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Remedies for Rahu Moon conjunction in the first house : 

1. Such a person should always wear yellow thread of cotton on right hand wrist and also keep a yellow handkerchief in his bag or pocket.

2. Such a person should never wear silver. 

3. Such person should do meditation daily.

4. Such a person should avoid moving out or eating anything during Chandra Grahan (Moon eclipse).

5. Such person should feed dogs or fishes on daily basis after sunset. 

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