Capricorn Horoscope April 2023, Capricorn Ascendant Horoscope April 2023





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Capricorn Horoscope April 2023, Capricorn Ascendant Horoscope April 2023

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Capricorn Horoscope April 2023, Capricorn Ascendant Horoscope April 2023

In this blog, we have written about how the monthly horoscope of Capricorn for April 2023 . In this blog, the horoscope of Capricorn for the month of April 2023 has been given in detail on career, health, finance, love and remedies. 

By reading this blog, you will get an idea (April 2023 Monthly Horoscope Capricorn) that what you should prepare for the month of April according to the horoscope of Capricorn. Read the horoscope of April 2023 given here carefully and plan your actions accordingly.

However, you are also informed (Capricorn Horoscope April 2023 ) that the given horoscope has been written by looking at the effects on Capricorn (Capricorn Ascendant Horoscope April 2023) in the month of April, in which we have taken into account the transit of Moon and other planets. This analysis has been done by looking at the transits of ascendant and not as individuals.

In this blog, we will only discuss how April 2023 will be for the people of Capricorn ascendant. 

In the month of April, there will be transit of Sun and Jupiter and their conjunction with Rahu will be formed, which is formed after 12 years, due to which this transit will be very important. It will be a very important transit for you and in this blog we will discuss what effect these important zodiac changes will have on your life. 

If number 10 is written in first house of birth chart and La is also written in the same house then this monthly horoscope is for you for all other ascendants you can see my other blogs... 

Business and Career : 

1st-6th April 

During this period Sun and Jupiter conjunction in 3rd house of birth chart and Sun is Marak in your birth chart which may force you to take some wrong decision in over confidence ,this time tension will increase in any business with your younger brother and sister, this time may increase some stress related to your luck. Don't start any project or work during this period which depends on your luck only otherwise your stress will increase. During this period your travel may increase. 

During this period Rahu and Venus conjunction is in the 4th house of the horoscope, due to which you can get some property related benefits, at this time you should avoid any kind of temptation, any kind of greed can put you in trouble, you can face any kind of stress at your workplace or office.  On the other hand such professional may get some good results  who are into International Event Management, fashion industry, people who are associated with financial management services, people who are in the work of property management. 

During this period Mars is in Gemini from where Mars will be aspecting the 9th house and 1st house of the horoscope due to which your workload may increase a lot which will directly affect your health which we will discuss in our next section. This period may increase mental stress in your work, in your business. This period may give some sudden gains to such people who are searching some opportunity abroad , if you are into import export business then you can get some good results. If you are looking for a job abroad, there is any tension related to your visa any such stress may reduce.

At present, Saturn is in the 2nd house of your birth chart, from where Saturn  will be aspecting the 8th house, 4th house and 11th house of your birth chart. If you do some sort of charity work from your ancestral property or from your own house, like giving free education to the poor, distributing medicines, etc., then you will get very auspicious results of Saturn  and you will get very auspicious results of your hard work. The coming period will gradually increase your savings. You can start thinking more about adding money to your savings account, how to increase the savings as much as possible, due to which your nature can also be a bit stingy, due to which people around you and your relatives can start moving away from you. 

The coming period may give very auspicious results to such professionals who are in research, those who are in software development, those who are in agriculture. If you are running any kind of family business, then it can give you some kind of unexpected profit.

April 7-14: 

At this time, the transit of Venus will be in its own sign, Taurus, in the 5th house of the horoscope, due to which this transit will be extremely beneficial for you. Venus is the lord of the fifth house due to which Venus is most auspicious planet of your birth chart. 

If there was any kind of tension in your business, any kind of obstacles were coming will reduce here. People who are in share trading will get to see good benefits. if you were not getting results of your hard work then this period will give you sudden gains, if you were facing delay in promotion, then this period will be positive for that as well. What will be its impact on your romance life, we will discuss about it in our next sections. 

15-21 April 

At this time the transit of Sun and Mercury will take place in the 4th house of the horoscope, due to which the eclipse of Rahu and Sun will be formed. Do not take hasty decisions, this is the time

Any kind of stress can increase you in your office at your workplace, you should keep yourself away from any kind of debate or heated arguements. Do not take any decision related to property at the time it is appropriate for you, otherwise you may have to face legal problems.  We will discuss about its effect on your family life in our next sections. 

22-30 April:

At this time Jupiter will transit in 4th house of birth chart due to which Rahu and Jupiter will for Guru Chandal Dosha which happens once in 12 years. Guru is the Karak of our knowledge and intellect and Rahu confuses the mind, due to which this conjunction can increase some kind of instability in your mind.  There are chances that at this time, you can work against the system, due to which your mental stress will increase, this time can indulge you in unethical activities, you can be forced to take some kind of  wrong decision, which will affect your career, be a little careful. This period can also add some stress related to your property.

If you are planning to buy a property, or if you are planning to buy some vehicle , then wait a little more. 


In the month of April, such people have to be careful, who have any problem related to bones related to nerves or eyes

After April 14, you may have some kind of heart-related problem, if you have cholesterol, then be a little careful. 

At the time you should not eat too much avoid oily food or too spicy food. What remedies you have to take I have mentioned in remedies section  will be beneficial for you. 


After 10th April, your finances will increase, this time your savings will increase, any kind of mental stress will start reducing  regarding your finance. 

After 17th April, your expenses will increase due to your health issues.  7-10 April may not be a positive time for your finances, at this time Mental stress will increase regarding your expenses. 

Love & Romance: 

Period till 7th April you may fall in some kind of love affair at your work place or neighbourhood . 

From 8th April Venus is in Taurus in the 5th house of your birth chart. It can make you more romantic and emotional. Desires for sensual pleasures may increase and your attraction may increase towards a loyal, loving and committed partner during this time. Be careful of any kind of jealousy at this time, Venus in Taurus will make you have a strong attachment with your partner, you should avoid being too possessive about your partner at this time, otherwise the relationship may deteriorate. 

Family : 

The month of April is not a very positive time for life, this time may increase the stress a bit, at this time you have to control your emotions a little. 

After April 13, tension will increase in your house due to some issue. This stress may be related to some property matter or may be related to health issues of your father or mother.

You experience joy with your children after 8th April .


  • In this month you should not wear red colored clothes.

  • After April 13, stay away from green and orange colored clothes and after April 22, you should not wear yellow colored clothes. 

  • If you wear white clothes on April 22, then it will give you a feeling of peace in your mind. 

  • Give water to the Sun at the time of sunrise. 

  • You should perform Rahu Ketu Shanti Puja on April 22 between 6:25 am to 5:35 am. 

  • You must donate 1.25 meters of black cloth and black lentils on Saturday.

  • Donate 6 bananas, 50 grams of turmeric to any needy person on 27th  April

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