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Dear gurujii When can i start my own business and can i become a millionaire in my life timeDate of birth:09/12/1992 Time:14:16 Place : Nagercoil

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I have seen your birth chart, you have two grahan dosha in your birth chart, peirod till april 2023 is not favourable for you. Avoid taking any decision which will only be based on your luck, otherwise it may create mental stress to you.Astrologer Sachin Sharma,Founder - www.astrologyfourm.netE-Mail : [email protected] can purchase our Panchtatva Brand Products available at :Candles : ( Malaayein) : Products : Cones & Sticks : Rose Dhoop Cones : Mogra Dhoop Cones : Lavendar Dhoop Cones : Lily Dhoop Cones: Guggal Dhoop Cones: Sandalwood Dhoop Cones : Mogra Dhoop Sticks: Lavendar Dhoop Sticks: Rajnigandha Dhoop Sticks: Rose Dhoop Sticks: Sandalwood Dhoop Sticks:

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