How astrology helps to improve your life ?

In this blog we will discuss how astrology helps to improve your life .

Have you ever think about the following questions :

  1. How in the same house one brother is at very high position and the other is striving for daily needs?
  2. Why someone is suffering from diseases all the time?
  3. Why one person is working hard to achieve results but not getting the result however on the other side a person who hardly work got a better result in every phase of life?
  4. Why children of a very high education background are unable to study properly, whereas a child whose parents are uneducated reach on top?
  5. Why a person keep on hard work will reach to peak suddenly at a particular period of life may after the age of 60?

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All these answers are available in astrology.

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is the science of the effects of planetary movements on our lives. Once the correct positions of the signs and planets are known to astrologer he/ she can construct charts representing these positions. Based on the knowledge of astrologer he/she can study the charts and can make a wide range of conclusions about the moment the chart was cast for. Primarily, astrology is used to understand one’s self and our karma for this life.

In astrology birth chart is divided into 12 divisions and these divisions are called houses.

First House : This house represents personality, body, fame, place of birth, self, honor, self-respect, peace of mind, present life, complexion, health, longevity, head, brain, and stamina

Second House : This house represents the native’s Wealth, family, speech, eating habits, taste, status or self-esteem, death, face, eyes, nose, nails, teeth, tongue. You must have seen people are working very hard and earning a good amount of money, but their expenses are too high which further leads to no bank balance. This house is very important when we talk about the savings of any person.

Third House : This house represents the native’s courage and valor, hobbies, younger coborns, mode of death, communication, neighbors, short journey, ear, neck, shoulders, physical growth. You must have seen a few people are very courageous and don’t afraid of anything and on the contrary, few are very timid kind of personality. This house plays a very important role in such cases.

Fourth House : This house represents the native’s mother, happiness or unhappiness, lands, houses, vehicles, education, own family, chest, lungs, heart, breast. You must have seen some people earned a lot but unable to make a house of their own. Just because this house is aspected by some malefic planet or some malefic planet is placed somehow. We will discuss these issues in later blogs.

Fifth House : This house represents the native’s progeny, intelligence, poorvpunya, mantra siddhi, speculation, learning, writing, heart, upper abdomen, liver, gall bladder, mental illness or soundness

Sixth House: This house represents the native’s enemy, debt, disease, accident, injury, competition, maternal relations, servants, lower abdomen, intestine, surgical operation. Sometime you must have seen people are forced to take loans and always in debt throughout life. There are two aspects here – one those who are taken loans and unable to repay them and others who take loans but easily repay them. This depends on the type of planets in the sixth house. I will discuss in later blogs.

Seventh House: This house represents the native’s spouse, partner, marriage, passion, status, urinary tract, semen. There are cases when marriage is getting delayed, clashes among business partners. This house plays a very important role in your married life and business partnership.

Eighth House : This house represents the native’s longevity, death, obstacles, suddenness, unexpected gains or losses, inheritance, hidden talents, incurable diseases, external genital and mental anguish.

Ninth House : This house represents the native’s religious inclination, father, guru, pilgrimages, long journey, charity, fame and fortune, temples, hips and thighs.

Tenth House : This house represents the native’s profession, karmas, source of livelihood, business, power, sacred and religious deeds and duties, knee joints and knee cap

Eleventh House : This house represents the native’s gains of all material things, income, the fulfillment of desires, reward and punishment, elder coborn, legs, ear and recovery from diseases

Twelth House : This house represents the native’s expenditure, separation, loss, sleep, confinement, hospitalization, foreign, renunciation, mental balance, feet, and eyes. You must have seen that many people who are highly educated but suddenly leave everything and decide to live a secluded life. This house plays a very important role in this aspect.
We can see that there is nothing which has not been mentioned in astrology.

How astrology predictions can help you in life ?

Before, we will discuss that let me give you real-life examples :

Suppose you are going out of the house and you are not aware that it’s going to rain and suddenly rain happened. Then it will ruin your plan and you will face problems in reaching your destination. On the other hand, if you are aware that it will be going to rain then you will be mentally prepared for that and took an umbrella or whatever to save yourself from the rain. In this example, the rain will happen but you got an idea of how to save yourself from that rain.

Same is the case in astrology, if you are aware that during a particular time or coming period you are going to face financial losses or some diseases you will be mentally prepared for that and doing some remedies it will reduce the impact on you and in this way the damage will be reduced.
There are certain mahadasha of planets in the life of a native that ruined the financial condition and also the career of the native. To face such mahadasha in life it is very difficult for any native and his / her overall career/business will get ruined.

So, astrology helps us to improve your lives and its a great tool to enlighten us before something bad will happen in our life in the form of mahadasha or antardasha of certain planets which creates negative energy around us.

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