Karkansh Kundali
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Karkansh Kundali

Karkansh Kundali or Jamini system plays a great role in deciding the future career of the native. Let’s learn how ?
In today’s world, there are a lot of options available for career, people attain some other skill, want to do something different and force to do something different. In today’s world, people are very concern about their career and parents are concern about the future of their children. Due to which they consult various psychologists for the same, however, Karkansh Kundali gives a correct picture about the career of the native in which the native will get maximum growth in life. In this Jamini system, atmakaraka and amatyakaraka play an important role in deciding the future of the native.

Atmakaraaka : Planets which attain a maximum degree in your birth chart. If Sun has a maximum degree in your birth chart, then atmakarak of your birth chart will be Sun.

What is Atmakaraka means: Atma’ means soul and ‘Karaka’ means significator. Your Atmakarak is your subconscious , normal human being can’t understand this till you study your chart. We always try to run away from the “aatma” for no reasons.

This karaka signifies the past birth karmaa’s which you have to burn to remove the artificial mask from your soul and to attain moksha.

In Vedic Astrology, we have 9 planets, yet we only have 8 karakas. The 8 karaka planets are – Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Moon. You are running away from your soul and try to achieve materialistic pleasure in life which is not the achievement for a human being. All these materialistic worlds are distracting the human soul for the ultimate goal that is moksha. Ketu which is not included in these karaka’s because Ketu is a teacher, it is the liberator which helps to achieve moksha. Ketu is a sage that creates a detachment from the materialistic world and helps the soul to attain the ultimate goal of moksha.

Amatyakarak : planet which attains the second highest degree in your birth chart is called amatyakarak.

Amatyakaraka Planet is all about Karma or Action, it is the advisor of aatma. There is a strong relationship between AK & AMK when looking for a strong profession or even raj yoga.

Method to read karakamsha chart :

When Aatmakarak planet is located in any sign in the navmansh kundli, that sign is called Karkansh sign and the lord of that sign is called the karkansh planet.

  1. Find the atmakaraaka of your birth chart.
  2. See that atmakaraka is placed in which house in D9 chart. That number let us say 12 belongs to Jupiter.
  3. Keeping number 12 as lagna prepare the chart keeping all other planets the same as in your birth chart.

Positive results of Karkansh planet increases when it is placed with any auspicious planet or aspected by auspicious planets. If karkansh planet is placed with any inauspicious planet or aspected by an inauspicious planet it gives negative results.

Let us now acknowledge how karkansh planet is influenced in karkansh kundali:

  1. First house results :
    In Jamini method of astrology ascendant is the sign in which the karkansh planet is located. If Karkansh is placed in the Ascendant then it will give average results to the native.

a) Conjunction Rahu with Karkansh Planet : If karkansh is placed with Rahu it may create trouble to life of the native. A person may suffer from toxic food and die to food posioning. But if Rahu is aspected by some auspicious planet then the person may become a chemical scientist.

b) The conjunction of Karkansh with Ketu: When Ketu is placed with Karkansh and venus also aspect it then the native will have a huge interest in religious ceremonies like yajnas. If Venus and Mercury both aspect karkansh and Ketu conjunction then such native may suffer from stammering.

On the other hand if Saturn aspect Ketu then such native will spend lot of time in spiritual activities.

  1. Second house results : If Venus and Mars aspect the second house the person have great love for his / her spouse. If Rahu is placed in the second house then such native will spend money on his / her life partner. If Ketu is in the second house and some malefic aspect it then it will create problems with the speech of the native.
  2. Third house results : If the benefic planet is placed in the third house from Karkansh planet, such person will be courageous. On the other hand, if some malefic planet is placed then such a person will be less courageous and won’t be able to take risks in life.
  3. Fourth house results : If Venus or moon is placed in the fourth house or aspect the fourth house from the Karkansh planet then such a person will buy his / her own house. Aspect of Mars on the fourth house from Karkansh planet the person may buy his / her own house but away from the homeland.
  4. Fifth house results : If Rahu and Mars are placed in the fifth house from Karkansh then the native may suffer from lungs related diseases. If the moon is aspecting the fifth house then also it creates huge problems related to the health of the native. If Venus aspects or placed in the fifth house then such native will be poet or speaker.
  5. Sixth house results :
    If benefic planet is placed in the sixth house then the person will get benefits from farming.
  6. Seventh house results : Aspect of Jupiter or moon on the seventh house from Karkansh the life partner of the person will be beautiful and attractive. Aspect of Sun or Jupiter will make the native follower of family values and traditions.
  7. Eighth house results : If any auspicious planet is located or aspecting the eighth house then such person will have a long life.
  8. Ninth house results : If some benefic planet aspect or placed in the ninth house then such native will show interest in religious activities and do charity work. On the contrary, if the malefic planet is placed or aspect the ninth house then such native will be in opposite in nature.
  9. Tenth house results : If auspicious planet is placed in the tenth house then it will increase the wealth of the native and native will get good results of his / her hard work. On the other hand if malefic planet aspect the tenth house native may face losses in business and jobs.
  10. Eleventh house results : If the benefic planet is placed in the eleventh house then such native will get all material comforts in life, however, if the malefic planet is aspects the eleventh house then such native may face losses in career and also face defamation in life.
  11. Twelfth house results : Conjunctions of various planets in this house will make the native devotee towards God.

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