Ketu in seventh house of birth chart – vedic astrology

Ketu in seventh house of birth chart – vedic astrology

First understand what ketu is ? Ketu is moksha, seclusion, debt, financial losses, hospitalization, knowledge about other world.

Seventh house which is house of marriage, partnership, married life. When Ketu is placed here, ketu’s placement in seventh house is one of the worst placement in birth chart. Native’s who have ketu in seventh house of their birth chart will face the following issues :

  1. Huge delay in marriage
  2. Very unstable married life
  3. Chances of divorce increases
  4. Its a kind of mental torture to the native especially during antardasha or mahadasha of Ketu.
  5. It will increase hardship in life of the native.
  6. Native will have extra marital relationship.

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Placement of ketu in the seventh house made the life of the native very stressful. If he will do business in partnership then he will face huge losses and relationship with partner will be ruined.

If such native got married then there will be huge mental stress due to family issues and such native will not tolerate a single word against him/ her from his / her partner. This makes the life very stressful of both and chances of divorce increases.

Such natives will unable to do savings specially if Ketu antardasha / mahadasha will be there. During Ketu antardasha / Mahadasha such natives will loose all his / her savings. He will loose his / her job and it will be very difficult for him / her to survive.

This placement of ketu makes the native to live secluded life and such native will not enjoy social gathering.

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