Leo ascendant / lagnesh prediction for the month of August 2019 – Vedic Astrology – By: Sachin Sharmaa

If you have Leo ascendant i.e number 5 is written in your first house of your birth chart, for such native Aug 2019 will give you the following results :

  1. Chances of lack of finances during the initial period of this month and expenses will increase.
  2. A health issue may arise during this month and awareness towards health will increase.
  3. Chances of moving abroad are there during this period.
  4. Chances of the visit of religious activities during this period.
  5. Don’t get into an argument during this period better to avoid any sort of argument.
  6. Don’t get into any property related matters during this period.
  7. Arguments will increase in your married life during the initial month but will improve at the end of this period.

Sachin Sharmaa,
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