Moon in eighth house
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Moon in eighth house

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the effects of the moon in the eighth house of the birth chart.

Before discussing the effects of moon in the eighth house of birth chart let us first understand what does the eighth house of the birth chart represent: This house represents the native’s longevity, death, obstacles, suddenness, unexpected gains or losses, inheritance, hidden talents, incurable diseases, external genital and mental anguish .

Moon represents the mental stability, emotions, mother of the native.

Moon in the eighth house of the birth chart always give adverse effects to native and it is considered as one of the worst placement of Moon in the birth chart. Placement of the moon in the eighth house gives the following effects to the native :

  1. Hindrances in the education of the native: placement of the moon in the eighth house give hindrances to attain education of the native and native will face a huge struggle to complete his / her education.
  2. Health of Mother: native’s mother will face huge health problems and the possibility of the death of the mother during mahadasha or antardasha of the moon.
  3. Unexpected gains: there are chances of unexpected gains in the life of the native.
  4. Sexual life: such natives got quickly attracted to other sex and face trouble in relationships. Such native always feels unrest regarding their sexual life due to the married life of such native got disturbed.
  5. Unstable mind: such natives face huge unrest in mind and never able to follow a single goal in life due to which face huge trouble instability of their career. Native unable to sleep properly, always feel a stressful mind, always face a sort of conflict inside the mind.
  6. Behavior: Such natives are always jealous of other’s progress, tell lie, suspicious and also obsessed about certain activities.
  7. Health: such a native face lot of diseases at a very early age whether it is depression, diseases related to genitals or other intestinal diseases. Such natives face huge trouble if they face moon antardasha or mahadasha after the age of forty years and there are chances of death during this mahadasha / antardasha of the moon until some favorable planet is aspecting the eighth house.

Native having moon in the eighth house of the birth chart should do the following remedies :

  1. chant “om namah shivaye” mantra 108 times daily.
  2. chant mantra of the moon : Aum Shran Shrin Shron seh Chandraye Namah ॐ श्रां श्रीं श्रौं सः चंद्राय नमः *This mantra should be chanted for 11000 times within 40 days before chanting this mantra native should know how to pronounce it properly.
  3. avoid flirting or any extramarital affairs.
  4. perform shraadh of your ancestors
  5. take the blessing of old persons by touching their feets
  6. should donate pulses, pearls, sugar, milk on Monday to some poor.
  7. should visit any of the following shiva temples during the nakshatra period of Rohini, Hast and Shravan Nakshatra.
    a. Kaashi Vishwanath Mandir, Varanasi
    b. Kedarnath Mandir, Uttarakhand,
    c.Amarnath, J&K
    d. Lingraj Mandir, Orissa
    e. Murudeshwar Shiv Mandir, Karnatak
    f. Mallikarjun Temple, Andhra Pradesh
    g. Rameshwaram Temple, Tamil Nadu
  8. Should keep fast on Mondays and also on shiva ratri.
  9. should donate medicines in a charitable hospital every month.
  10. Offer services in shiva temple once a week.

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