Natives born in Punarvasu Nakshatra

In this blog we will discuss in detail about natives born in Punarvasu Nakshatra. This is the seventh nakshatra of the zodiac, spanning from 20°-00′ in Gemini (Taurus) to 3°-20′ in Karaka(Cancer)

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Male characteristics born in Punarvasu Nakshatra : These natives are social and friendly. There is very less person who understands the importance of your relationship. You have a lot of hidden enemies and most of your close relatives are jealous of you. Most of the time you face conspiracy in your own family against you. Due to the negativity generated by such people, during the later age of life, you become more adamant and lose your temper quickly. You are generally satisfied with what you have but on the other side, you have a strong desire towards the growth in your profession and achieve heights. You are very clear in your activities and transactions, neither you promote any illegal activities nor you allow others to do such an act. It’s very difficult for you to manage a cordial relationship with your children and you always face conflicts with your children. You also believe in helping others and have a charitable blend of mind. You are caring about your brothers and sisters and you are God-fearing too. Male natives born in punarvasu nakshatra should avoid any partnership business. You have huge regards towards your mother, father, and teachers.

Health and diseases: Natives born in punarvasu nakshatra may face problems related to stomach and intestine. You also face problems related to your urine and kidney dysfunctions. Such natives are very prone to pollution and also effects on the eyes very quickly.

Female characteristics born in Punarvasu Nakshatra :

Female natives born in punarvasu nakshatra have argumentative nature and on other hands, they have stable and calm mind. Due to argumentative nature such natives generally face trouble within the family, with relatives and even neighbors. If anything going wrong in front of you then it is very difficult for you to stope yourself to fight against that and due to your such attitude you face trouble in life without any reason. You give respect to your elders and have affection towards your friends and relatives as well. You are also very helpful and God-fearing. Generally, female natives born in Punarvasu Nakshatra live a luxurious life with all materialistic comforts of life.

Health and Diseases: Female born in Punarvasu nakshatra can’t enjoy good health due to their careless nature towards their health. Such natives generally face problems related to liver, lungs and intestine problems.

Characteristics of natives born in different pada of Punarvasu Nakshatra :

  1. First pada of punarvasu nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Mars . Dasha of Mars and Jupiter gives good results to the native. Also, dasha of lagnesh lord and Mercury give good results. Saturn dasha give a good rise to your career. If you are facing problems in married/married life then dasha / antardasha of Jupiter will solve all the problems related to your marriage life. Such native believe in other words’ without giving a second thought to those words due to which face problems. Such natives also lose temper very quickly.
  2. Second pada of punarvasu nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Venus. Natives born in the second pada of Punarvasu nakshatra are intelligent and have a good analytics mind. Dasha of lagnesh lord and mercury gives normal results but dasha of Jupiter give good luck. Such natives have respect for their religion and have good social manners.
  3. Third pada punarvasu nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Mercury. Natives born in the third pada of punarvasu nakshatra always suffer from diseases. Dasha of Jupiter and Mercury give bad results. Such natives always switch one job to another and roam here and there for no reason. Such natives have a long life and are greedy.
  4. Fourth pada punarvasu nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Moon. Such natives live lavish life, love music and have more attraction towards sexual activities. Aspect of Mars gives the selfish nature of the native.

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