Natives born in Pushya Nakshatra

In this blog we will discuss in details about natives born in Pushya Nakshatra.

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Pushya Nakshatra is ruled by lord Brihaspati, the God of Divine wisdom. This is the eighth nakshatra in the zodiac, spanning from 3°-20′ to 16°-40′ in Karaka.

Male characteristics born in Pushya Nakshatra :

Male natives born in Pushya Nakshatra have tendency to switch from one work to another which needs more and more energy from you. Due to this tendency, you have to do a lot of hard work all the time with fewer results. Such natives have a very sharp mind and you always get new directions to move further in life without repenting on past events. You are highly emotional and very weak at heart. You never reach the depth of any task or till conclusion. You respect all relationships and never leave any relationship in between. You are a good and very dedicated lover. You also take friendships very seriously and do your best to maintain the relationship. You always have energy and action to achieve your goal in life. Natives, born in Pushya nakshatra, have the capability to make thier work done by others.
You are caring towards your brothers and sisters. You are God-fearing and always respect your elders.

Health and Diseases : Natives born in Pushya nakshatra can suffer from diseases related to gall bladder, intestinal problems, and cancer.

Female characteristics born in Pushya Nakshatra :

Such natives are God-fearing and believe in old traditions and culture. Female natives born in Pushya Nakshatra have a big heart and are helpful. She always respects elders but always a little unfortunate in getting care from others. She belive in a planned life.

Health and diseases for female born in Pushya nakshatra :

Female natives born in Pushya nakshatra face diseases till the age of twenty-four. Such natives may suffer from liver diseases, skin diseases, and intestinal problems.

Characteristics of Different Pada of Pushya Nakshatra :

First pada of Pushya Nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Sun. Natives born in this nakshatra are intelligent, charitable, love to live life in solitude and luck favors them.

Second pada of Pushya Nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Mercury. Such natives have multiple sources of income, always preaches others, and can’t act quickly on the matters or opportunity.

Third pada of Pushya Nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Venus. Such natives are intelligent, educated, lucky, clever and loved by kids.

Fourth pada of Pushya Nakshatra : Lord of this pada is Mars. Such natives believe in religious activity, hard worker and get good results of the hard work they do. Such natives are more attracted to other sex, can be easily provoked, and have no sympathy for others.

Suitable career for the natives born in Pushya Nakshatra : Teaching, Farming, psychology, politics, farming, religious preacher, astrology, counselor, catering.

Nakshatra compatibility and incompatibility with Pushya :

You are compatible with natives born in Punarvasu and Ashiwin ( 4th pada only ) . You are incompatible with Moola, Anuradha, Poorvashada, Satabhisha, Mrigasira ( 3rd and 4th pada), Chitra, Poorva Phalguni and Vishkah ( 4th pada). You are moderately compatible with other nakshatras.

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