Pisces lagna prediction for the month of August 2019 – Vedic Astrology – By: Sachin Sharmaa

If you have Pisces ascendant i.e number 12 is written in your first house of your birth chart, for such native Aug 2019 will give you following results :

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  1. Your Rahu is in the fourth house, such natives should donate coconut in flowing water on 1st Aug and 30th August.
  2. Such a native should not do any investment during this month otherwise you will lose your money.
  3. Jupiter is aspecting your fifth house during this month, your task which was stopped will start this month.
  4. No job should be switched until Jan 2020.
  5. Students will get good results for their hard work.
  6. You should do Hanuman Chalisa daily.
  7. Your relation with your spouse will improve during this month.
  8. You should feed dogs daily.
  9. Chances of wining of court cases during this month.
  10. Don’t start construction of a new house this month.
  11. Visit Bhairo temple every Saturday during this month.
  12. Good time for your kids.
  13. Chances of a love affair are there during this month.
  14. You will do a religious tour this month.

Sachin Sharmaa,
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