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Rahu Saturn conjunction in the tenth house

Rahu Saturn conjunction in the tenth house

In this blog, we delve into the Rahu Saturn conjunction in the 10th house, a significant aspect in astrology known for influencing one’s profession, karma, and familial roles. This conjunction’s effects span health, married life, happiness, and unforeseen events, offering both challenges and remedies. Let’s explore how this celestial alignment shapes various aspects of life.
How will this yuti (conjunction/combination) affect health, married life, home/happiness and unexpected incidents in life with their positive or negative flavours and the best remedies?

What is the Tenth house of the birth chart?

The 10th house, often associated with one’s father, workplace, and public image, plays a pivotal role in defining our professional journey and overall success. Governed by Saturn, this house reflects our karmic path, highlighting the importance of work and duty over personal emotions. Interestingly, the Sun gains strength here, emphasizing the visibility and recognition of one’s efforts.

The natural owner of this house is Saturn (Shani) as it directly relates to overall karma and Saturn is the Judge amongst the Planets/Vedic deities. This house is very commonly known as the Karma bhava in Sanskrit as it gives information about the Higher knowledge and religious aspects of one’s life.   To know more in detail about tenth house you can read our blog : What is tenth house in birth chart ? https://astrologyforum.net/tenth-house-of-birth-chart/

What is the Saturn-Rahu conjunction/combination in Astrology?

Previously discussed in our blog on the Saturn Rahu conjunction, this placement suggests a complex interplay between the desire for recognition (Rahu) and the lessons of restraint and responsibility (Saturn). This combination in the 10th house can lead to a dynamic tension between ambition and duty, influencing one’s career path and public persona.
Read our previous blog : What is Saturn Rahu conjunction in astrology ? 

Rahu Saturn conjunction in the tenth house of the birth chart General characteristics: 

According to Vedic astrology placement of Saturn and Rahu conjunction in the 10th house means a functional malefic conjunction placed in an earthly (Prithvi tattva) place as houses 2,6 and 10 form the Artha/Prithvi (Earth Element) trikon in the natural order. 

This house becomes very interesting for this conjunction since Saturn happens to be the natural owner of the 10th house. Rahu, when placed in the 10th house, wants to act like Sun in some manner as Sun gets directional strength in the 10th house and Rahu is an arch-enemy of the Sun so it would be easy to agree that Rahu too would want to shine just as Sun wants to Shine.

Here Rahu Shining doesn’t mean that one can see Rahu since Rahu is a shadow planet and cannot be seen by the naked eye. It means that Rahu would want the fame of the person to be big in the world and people should know that person very well just by hearing their name.  Rahu with Saturn in the 10th house is like an Old man (Saturn) paired with a Young man (Rahu) with explosive energy who just wants to run and grab the limelight and the Old man Saturn stops the person restricting for a reason to teach a lesson of life. 

This conjunction as always can be good and can be bad or worse as well depending upon multiple factors like their degrees, their Shadbal strength and the absence and presence of other benefic and malefic aspects of other planets in the appropriate houses. Since this house is the path to success and success as usual can be achieved with either the short way or the long way, the person would have this dilemma to choose the shortcut or the right and long path to success. 

Rahu gives the desire to accumulate money by aspecting the 2nd house and Saturn gives interest in the factors of the 12th house by aspecting it with its 3rd aspect which includes expenses/losses and renunciation as well. 

The mother of this individual gets affected by this energy as this conjunction is looking directly at the 4th house where Ketu is placed. Mother might have some issues or Mother could be a very non-materialistic personality as well.  Ketu here can give some kind of secretive nature as well to this individual’s mother.

Since Ketu is in the 4th house these people would have to travel away from their mother or motherland in due time under the appropriate Dasha or Sub-Dasha. The person could get interested in politics as well and would serve the masses even if putting a fake front to get the fame achieved from some social work. 

This conjunction is a strong indication that the person is born to find the pending karmas and work accordingly as both Planets somewhere relate to the 10th house or even the positioning of the Capricorn zodiac which is the natural 10th house. 

This conjunction could have very good or bad results when both these two planets are in the middle part of the zodiac sign and have their full power to give their results. This is because any planet is said to be in its total youthful stage when it is in the very middle part of any zodiac sign.

What is the role of this conjunction/combination in your Janampatri/horoscope? How will this combination/conjunction transit affect your life? Know the tips to balance its negative effects with the help of our transit report. Write to us: contact@astrologyforum.net

Rahu Saturn conjunction in the tenth house of birth chart and career:

Given that this conjunction/combination imparts a certain level of shrewdness to an individual, and considering it manifests in the 10th house of profession, the person might aspire to achieve fame in whichever field they opt for. Moreover, since Rahu casts its 9th aspect on the 6th house of service, to which Saturn also contributes as a significator of 6th house activities like service and servitude, this individual might be inclined to engage in social work to gain recognition.

Furthermore, individuals could explore opportunities in various business ventures, and provided that the 2nd house is robust, they might also succeed in generating income from these endeavors.

It is widely acknowledged that Rahu does not adhere to traditional norms, and its placement in the 10th house signals a strong inclination towards pursuing unconventional career paths. In this scenario, Saturn could lend the necessary persistence for the individual to follow through on these unconventional choices, guided by Rahu’s influence.

Additionally, the choice of profession could be influenced by other planetary positions in the individual’s chart, along with the Dasha (planetary period) and Transit (planetary movements), suggesting that these individuals might experience a variety of jobs throughout their career. This variety is attributed to changes in their Dasha and transit, potentially leading to some instability during the early stages of their career path. 

Rahu Saturn conjunction in the tenth house of birth chart and Marriage /Married life:

From the conjunction of these planets, Saturn notably gives its 10th aspect to the 7th house of marriage partnership, consequently, there could be either issues or there could be longevity and savings of the partnership, significantly depending on the zodiac of the 7th house.

Generally, Saturn will yield positive results since the 7th house is the most favourable house for Saturn, but in this scenario, with the combined energy of the two malefic planets, the aspects of the 7th house can suffer.

Therefore, there would be some issues in the partnership of the person, especially since the 4th house of happiness is already afflicted by Ketu being there. Consequently, what can save the happiness, as seen from the 7th house, would be the lord of the 7th house and its strength, along with any positive aspects by the benefic planet Jupiter.

Moreover, partners of a person can be from lower strata or different social backgrounds. If Jupiter aspects the 7th house, then the chances of the partnership to survive and go a long way increase significantly. Furthermore, here also, individuals can have multiple partners in the initial phase of life as Saturn would not let the short-term, non-serious flings live a long life.

Additionally, this dynamic suggests a complex interplay between planetary influences, underscoring the necessity to analyze the complete horoscope for a comprehensive understanding of one’s marital prospects and challenges.

Rahu Saturn conjunction in the tenth house of birth chart and Health:

The areas affected by Saturn in this conjunction would be the areas of Knee joints and the lower portion of thighs so individuals could suffer from the ailments of these areas in the adverse Dasha or Transit.

The overall health of a person would be determined by the dignity and aspects of benefic planets on the ascendant and ascendant lord.

Since Rahu affects the subconscious and also gives its 9th aspect to the 6th house, which is the natural house of Mercury so the subconscious and mind of a person thus get affected by Rahu-driven ways., especially if the moon and mercury are also afflicted or have very low points in Shadbal. This could give a person anxiety or overthinking issues especially related to one’s own image.

This conjunction could make one suffer from the zodiac sign part signification-related diseases as well during unfavourable dasha or sub-Dasha.

Rahu Saturn conjunction in the tenth house of birth chart and Positive impact:

  1. Person desire and works to get fame in whatever profession they choose.
  2. The person is comfortable with non-conventional work assigned to them and does them with some new innovation as well.
  3. If Saturn owns the 9th house as well person could work for one’s religion that one chooses to follow.
  4. The person would choose and change their work field or businesses as per their Dasha and Transit and work hard to achieve success in that field.
  5. Success does come to the person even if it is a little delayed due to the presence of Saturn as it makes one choose the right path of patience and perseverance.

Rahu Saturn conjunction in the tenth house of birth chart and Negative impact:

  1. The person could get lazy and not do anything to its completion.
  2. If there are multiple afflictions and adverse Sub-Dasha comes early then the individual could get into different inappropriate jobs like illegal jobs.
  3. Individuals might get over-ambitious for fame and go to extremes for the same.
  4. Overthinking for achieving fame can cause some anxiety issues as Rahu also aspects the 6th house of diseases and this will be more prominent if the moon and mercury are also somehow affected by this conjunction either by the aspect of the house ownership or exchange of houses.
  5. The relationship with the mother could be a little difficult and the person could also stay away from their parents once they grow of age.
  6. Happiness in general could be difficult to find in such a person’s life as the presence of Ketu also dries the 4th house of happiness and the 10th aspect of Saturn on the 7th house of the marriage could also hamper the overall happiness of a person’s life.

Remedies for Saturn-Rahu conjunction in the tenth house :

1.Person has to do more hard work then normal to please Saturn.

  1. Such person should never hurt the feelings of his / her subordinates or workers.
  2. Such persons should donate dark blue colour clothes to needy persons once in a year on Saturday.
  3. Such persons should do business or job away from birth place for better growth.

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