Sagittarius ascendant / lagnesh prediction for the month of August 2019 – Vedic Astrology – By: Sachin Sharmaa

If you have Sagittarius ascendant i.e number 9 is written in your first house of your birth chart, for such native Aug 2019 will give you the following results :

  1. This period is not good for you.
  2. Those are unmarried, you will face problems in marriage yoga.
  3. Expenses on children will be there.
  4. Expenses will be there at old age people.
  5. This period will be stressful for your job/business.
  6. The native should drive carefully chances of accidents are there during this period.
  7. There will be a conflict with a spouse, avoid any sort of conflict.
  8. If you are a student then this year will not give you good results, students are advised to chant guru mantra, donate yellow pulses on Thursday.
  9. Visit Bhairoji temple during this period on each Saturday.
  10. If you are facing problems in your married life then donate red pulses on Tuesday and visit Hanuman ji temple on Tuesday.
  11. This year will motivate you towards religious activities.
  12. Chances of foreign travel will increase.

Sachin Sharmaa,
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